Great Companies : What services does Zavvy provides to its clients?

Dashmeet Kaur : Zavvy provides services and overall solutions to its clients. We cover up the fields of recruiting the correct employee, outsourcing to fulfill the client's need.

Great Companies : How does Zavvy recruit a perfect candidate for their client?

Dashmeet Kaur : Our team understands the need of our client. Then we call upon the candidates through linkedin, monster, indeed & social media. We then screen the candidates, interview them and analyze them. The screening process involves the evaluation of candidate's key skills, soft skills the way they behave and respond during the interview. After going through all this churning process we finalize the best. 

Great Companies : What is the main objective of Zavvy HR solutions?

Dashmeet Kaur : Our objective is to fight unemployment & provide stress free solutions to our clients and candidates. We are mostly like match makers. We observe and understand the need of the em...

Great Companies: How was the idea of this app born?
Sugandha : 
I am from Tier 2 city and know the pain of a patient family. I just figure out that problem and solving.

Great Companies : Brief us a little about docttocare.
Sugandha :
 Docttocare is one of the leading healthcare online portals that enable users from non-metro cities access and book surgery appointment with doctors and hospitals located in major cities. Docttocare app handholds the users through the entire process of identifying the right doctors/hospitals, scheduling appointments on the desired date, Give the estimate of the surgery, arranging the transport/stay. Users, thus, can focus fully on receiving high-quality treatment and off-load logistical challenges to an experienced team of Docttocare. We are providing funds also if patients are not able to effort their surgery. 

Great Companies : What are the key features of docttocare?
Sugandha :   

1. Cost estimation from hospitals 

2. A place to stay near...

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Monce C. Abraham: The backgrounds for the entrepreneurs and business leaders, my firm THEV Consulting has created value for, include Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Cambridge, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders (WEF YGLs), Fortune 500 CEOs, IIMs, IITs, RECs, McKinsey, non-profit founders and top level management. With almost 10 years of experience in leading organisations through their Marketing, Branding, Research, Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and CSR efforts, THEV Consulting has helped its clients overcome some of their biggest business challenges, surmount growth plateaus, improve efficiency, build innovation capability and achieve thought leadership.

Great Companies: How did THEV Consulting come into being? And how has your exceptional expertise helped it?

Monce C. Abraham: I founded THEV Consulting when I turned 25 years of age. I had already worked at some leading organizati...

Great Companies: Can you brief us a little about the concept of this start-up?

Nikunj Katkoria:
WriteSoft is an answer for all your writing tensions! Be it Grammatical errors, plagiarized content, or unable to find quality employee or content, just send us your requirements, choose the package, and snap, your content is ready. We have 2 domains, Content Writing and Web development. We help clients to develop and maintain their websites blogs and social media handles by providing the right Content and Customised Images and Posters. We are having different teams for each and every function. For example, in Content Writing, we have a separate team for writers and separate team for proofreading.

Great Companies: What all groups of the populace can benefit from your services except for writers and students?

Nikunj Katkoria:
Content Writing and Web Development Services are required by almost each and every person who aspires to be an entrepreneur. Majorly Digital Marketing Agencies, Onlin...

Great Companies: How did you begin the HRAI? When and how was the idea born?

Vikas Vats: We formally begin with HR Association India in 2012, before that we were a group on LinkedIn of like-minded HR professionals to share knowledge and assist each other in various HR processes with latest Tools and techniques. 

Soon we realised that we need to have a formal body to meet the needs of the associated professionals. in 2012 we organised our first meet. There were three major agendas which was finalized to guide the future of HRAI

  1. To update HR Professionals with latest in HR Tools, Technologies and Conferences worldwide.

  2.  To upskill HR Professionals  at minimum cost.

  3.  To recognise and appreciate best practices and  make them benchmarks.

Great Companies: How did you keep your firm Non-Profit? Because the services you give are top-notch and they have the potential to make good money. So what is the aim behind being Non-Profit?

Vikas Vats: Our guiding principle is from V...

Great Companies: Well, to being with, there are a lot of similar wallet apps out there like PayTm, Google Pay to name a few. What makes distinctive from the rest of your competitors?

Sachin Jaiswal: The existing alternatives for online transactions have complex user interfaces that first-generation internet users find very hard to navigate. solves this problem by empowering users with a multilingual conversational interface that makes online transactions extremely convenient. A virtual agent built for the next billion users of Bharat, Niki handholds first-time internet users from Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns for online transactions. Users can simply talk to Niki in their own language, using just their voice while it assists them through every step of the payment process. It is also designed to overcome the trust deficit that surrounds online transactions, ensuring that users never get stuck online and providing insurance on all payments made on its voice and vernacular plat...

Great Companies: How did the idea of Fidypay came into being?

Manan Dixit: FidyPay is connecting Bharat (Rural & Semi Urban Population) with India (Digital Economy) through its offline and online kisok model for various financial and banking service solutions. It is Co-Founded by Manan Dixit & Ariff Manji. Manan is Tech Junkie who has worked in IT companies like Tech Mahindra & Amdocs for 4 years. With working in IT Industry, he understood the power of technology and the gaps it can fill in the Financial Literacy in India. Ariff is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded ventures into Print Media, Outdoor Media, Radio Stations, Bakeries, etc. He comes from business background family and has been the visionary in the journey of FidyPay. Manan comes from small town of M.P. and saw that people in this type of regions are still lacking the access to Digital Economy be it e-commerce transactions, Payments, Financial Services, Insurance or Store Digitization. These people don’t get the acces...

Great Companies- How was the idea of  'Medicento ( Mediclick Healthcare Services Private Limited) born?

Arpan Debasis: It was way back in 2011 while pursuing my engg from Msrit Banaglore I lost my father due to an illness due to lack of medical accessibility and availability for a tier 2 city, Berhampur in Odisha.
A solution was much needed to bring about change so no other lives were lost due to the lack of
medical facilities and difficulty in procuring medicines and homecare services. While evaluating various healthcare segments, medicine delivery seemed to be the biggest challenge and problem yet to be solved. To streamline the flow of medicines to masses from suppliers, made me start medicento with my long time friend and Now Co-Founder Rahul Vidyarthi.

Great Companies- Your company provides a lot of distributor services and pharmaceutical services, how do you ensure getting efficient and productive results?

Arpan Debasis:  When we started medicento the major question asked to our fe...

Great Companies- What made you start a company like Dishah Consultants when there are already so many companies providing consulting services?

Amit Sharma | Yes, there are many National & International Consulting Companies operating in
Indian domestic market, offering a wide variety of consulting services ranging from strategy to
business, operation, financial etc… etc…
However, there are hardly a few, who are laser focused on Sales Strategy Consulting for
today’s competitive landscape. The need of the hour for a business is an optimized Sales
Operation to overcome tough competition. Business today, be it corporate, Small & Medium
Business or Startups are bleeding Market Share, Revenue and Profit share due to ‘cut-throat’
An organization’s current Sales Operation Capability is ‘unorganized’ and ‘in-complete’ to
handle current competitive landscape. The reason being, businesses are taking traditional approach to target 21st century competition. Their approach is to target a...

Great Companies-  How did you get the idea of 'Avenue Growth'?

Dilkash Rai Malhotra
Sales is the single most important function of any company. Companies spend a sizable fixed amount on internal teams that may be heavy on costs once team size increases. We think that our mass reach will help brands penetrate to various locations within 72 hours within India. Sales is only possible once the right target segment is met. Avenue Growth’s huge value add is that it reaches to a brands target segment at scale, thus opening the pipeline funnel.  

Great Companies- You have collaborated with more than 15,000+ Growth Specialist, 500+Cities & Towns and 200+ brands. How has your journey been so far? 

Dilkash Rai Malhotra
The journey has been interesting so far. I remember, we had an internal celebration when we touched 100 Growth Specialists and we called each of them and thanked them for believing in our concept. Thereafter our journey has been on an upward trend. Today we are working with some of...

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