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Analysing the timeless trend of Indians for their love of Gold and Silver, there would hardly be a household in Urban India who wouldn't have gold or silver coins at their home once they start saving. Adding to this thought was the fact that there was no specific platform in this niche who could give variety of options at transparent rates with 100% Guarantee on Quality of products being sold. This led to the beginning of thought behind CoinBazaar.

CoinBazaar was founded in Oct ' 2012 & is based out of Mumbai [The Financial Capital of India]. In addition to being the home town of all 3 co-founders, Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar is regarded as the most trusted place for all Bullion Brands and it sets the benchmark for pricing of bullion coins & bars across India.

The GOLDEN team

Mr. Pankaj Jain is a Masters in Computer Applications [MCA] by qualification and his family are traditional jewelers. He...

Some personal experience whilst moving household goods in 2015 and other professional engagements with Logistics players and clients in their past assignments gave the founders of Decker Logistics first-hand knowledge and insight into the extent of fragmentation and unstructured nature of the Logistics and supply chain sector in India.


VALUESHIPR began its journey on Apr 14, 2016, and is based out of Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Western parts of India account for over 40%+ Cargo and goods movement and hence we took a decision to be based out of Western India.


Jyotheesh Kumar, Dr. Sharad Nair & Prashant Halari are the founders of VALUESHIPR.

Jyotheesh Kumar – Co-Founder & CEO

An Entrepreneur Manager with over 20 plus years of work experience spanning across Banking, Capital Markets, Logistics, Automobile and Consulting with Educational qualifications in Engine...

The roots of Hivve Creative Solutions are based on a problem the founder, Mr. Adnan M Alam had faced himself, with his first start-up, that small companies and start-ups do not have access to professional marketing agencies due to lack of resources and funds. Established as a solution, Hivve Creative Solutions was founded with a single goal in mind, help companies share their stories through branding, identity development, and Digital Marketing/ Advertising.


The company was founded in May 2018 and is based out of Mumbai.

Hivve is the brainchild of Mr. Adnan M Alam, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Honours from Cambridge University, London. A Professional Web and Graphic Designer, Motivational Speaker and a professor of Digital Marketing, Web Design and Entrepreneurship at several well-known institutes, he is an all-rounder that is conquering...


Before inception of EarlySalary, there was a large credit undeserved population in India. The founders realised, easily accessible financial assistance was non-existent for young professionals and job beginners. They experience month-end cash crunch and due to lack of credit-score knowledge, they are unable to borrow money from the traditional credit facilities available.


EarlySalary was founded in 2015 and is based out of Pune.

Akshay Mehrotra, the Co-Founder and the CEO of EarlySalary chose Pune to launch his own start-up for a number of reasons. Firstly, being close to Mumbai, they get access to the best financial insights. Secondly, operational expenditure is 30 percent lower than Bengaluru-based startups. And finally, as their employees say, Pune offers them a better lifestyle, where they can manage with low rentals and stay close to the workplace,...

The business world today runs on sales. Sales is the bread and butter of corporate offices and businesses. It is the oxygen needed for any business to survive and thrive! However, many organizations lack salespeople who are updated with their sales game and Sales5X helps to bridge this gap. 

A sales training and consultation firm, Sales5X helps small and medium businesses increase their sales by offering sales training for their sales staff ranging from prospecting, qualifying, pitching, handling objections, closing the deal, nurturing, asking referrals and upselling. A rigorous training process with a promise of successful results has resulted in many business owners seeking out help from Sales5X. The company was founded by Anmol Garg and Joseph Dass, each of them having worked intensely in the field of sales with the latter having an experience of over 25 years and the former, having an...

Cabs providing intercity transport? Check.

Food delivery options across the country? Check.

Efficient intercity logistics? Still under development.

It is this market that attracted entrepreneurs and husband-wife duo, Amarjeet Singh and Sangeeta Yadav set out to utilize this gap and establish Portflip. Drawn along the same lines of functioning as any other app-based transport, Portflip provides truck booking services for means of transportation in Mumbai and Pune. Customers can simply book a truck, either through a phone call or on their website or Android app, track its location and status and have options of either directly paying the drivers or paying online. The platform is only a facilitator bridging the gap between customers and truck drivers, owning none of the vehicles partnered with them. With over 20,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, the company has a separate app for its dri...

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