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Maturi: Pioneering Age Diversity and Empowerment for the 50+ Demographic in Sao Paulo since 2015

Maturi, a Brazilian startup, is pioneering age diversity in the workforce, empowering the 50+ demographic since 2015. Founded by Morris Litvak in Sao Paulo, Maturi, initially known as MaturiJobs, has evolved from a job listing platform to a comprehensive service provider and community engager for the mature population. This social impact enterprise serves as a significant reference for age diversity within Brazil and beyond.

Industry and Specialization:

Operating in the business service and consulting industry, Maturi offers a wide range of services including job listings, workshops, courses, and consultation services specifically tailored for older demographics. Their specialization now extends to educational initiatives and advocacy work, central to their mission.

Unique Value Proposition:

Maturi stands out for its specialized focus on the 50+ demographic, a group often overlooked in today’s fast-paced digital society. With a data-driven approach, Maturi is committed to eliminating ageism, driving not just business growth but societal change. They offer deep insights and data to assist companies and job seekers alike in making informed decisions.

Mission and Goals:

Maturi's mission is to revolutionize how Brazilian society perceives and values mature professionals. They support organizations in the inclusion and recognition of mature workers, connecting them with highly qualified, experienced, and committed professionals over 50. Their work involves age diversity and inclusion projects, consultancy, team training, generational integration, corporate education, and recruitment of senior talents.

Maturi is also active in policy discussions to promote age diversity in the workplace, emphasizing career longevity and ensuring access to job opportunities and upskilling at any age. They believe that age should be seen as a measure of life experience, not an expiration date.


Maturi's expertise spans human resources, aging, corporate training, public speaking, strategic partnerships, and more, reflecting their broad range of services and impact.

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