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“Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or for worse” ... Simon Sinek

AAPNA truly believes in this quote and works upon this to ensure that every member of the team feels like an owner of the organization.

AAPNA Infotech, a dream company of Abhijit Roy, began its journey in 2007. AAPNA is derived from the Sanskrit word “Reliable”. Time and again we have proven that we stand by this no matter what.

AAPNA started its journey with a small team of reliable and highly qualified people with only couple of clients to work for. Nothing comes to anyone so easily. AAPNA too faced ups and downs, like any other IT company. But this does not change the focus and belief of Abhijit Roy in his team. It gradually increased year by year along with the team growth. Today we are a team of 180+ commandos serving prestigious clients from various industries in India, Australia, US and Nigeria. We are now a CMMI level 3 company; UI Path Partners, MS Gold Partner; DECISIONS Partner; ISO Certified 9001:2015; ISO Certified 27001 and have been recognized as the Top Software Development Company by various industry evaluations.

Abhijit Roy is a manager by example. He leaves no stone unturned to make his team comfortable while at work and has always believed in an “Open Door Policy”. AAPNAite of any level can meet him any time to discuss and share their thoughts and opinions.Our Leadership Team constantly thinks and works towards the growth of AAPNA and how to take it to the next level.

2020 – 2021 are undoubtedly the unfortunate years for everyone in the world. However, AAPNA utilized these years to grow and show to the world that they are unstoppable. One of the toughest decisions taken by the management was to go completely virtual and operate in work from home mode permanently.

As an organization, we decided to continue this even once the restrictions imposed by authorities were eased for physical presence of AAPNAites in office. This resulted in attracting talent which was earlier not available. This came with its own set of challenges and we had to quickly roll out new tools, systems and processes to manage this new normal.

We have been able to expand our team without considering geographical constraints of our potential team members. We have also been able to re induct former women members, who had to quit the workforce due to familial constraints previously. Both the above have helped us in making AAPNA a more inclusive organization overall. Our team members are now able to deliver world class software from the comforts of their home across the country.

Last year we invested heavily in learning and development and in new technology areas.

We have setup an active innovation lab and new technology group. We will continue growing, and focus on building an amazing culture, where people are genuinely happy and serve clients with extreme passion. AAPNA HRD along with Leadership team is investing more time and energy in training our Commandos and issuing them the Certificates on every achievement.

After having decided to go Virtual, the company has put in motion several initiatives to support this new way of life. Some of these are listed below –

  • Strong IT support to ensure virtual server access, while ensuring security

  • Strong HR support including virtual onboarding

  • Infrastructure support in form of WorkPod at home (needless to say – laptops, wireless internet, and headphones are provided)

  • Gifts and awards sent to home

  • Various HR engagement initiatives such as Virtual Coffee rooms, Gaming sessions, Cricket Club, Yoga sessions, coffee sessions and a lot more

  • Improved insurance cover

  • And lots and lots more

During this pandemic many people lost their jobs either due to recession or companies shutting their offices due to bad economy. AAPNA welcomed many with an open heart, this also includes our team members who left AAPNA for a better future. This can happen only when the AAPNAites believe that this company never shuts its doors even in their bad times.

Our team members’ opinions matter a lot to bring improvement in the work culture and company policies. They are always being asked to share their views on our website page – “Employee Value Proposition”, which is especially designed for them.

A great organization culture must foster respect for everyone, and a true sense of inclusion, where team members are treated with equality. Then only every member contributes with full heart and soul to continue building the culture, which is a “MUST HAVE” for building a GREAT organization. Our team works with an aim to win the ‘Great Place to Work’ award this year.

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