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Vikram Bhatnagar- Lawyer

Great Companies: What are the various services that you provide?

Vikram Bhatnagar: At my office, we deal in almost all sorts of Legal issues be it Consultation, Documentation or Litigation. We provide legal solutions to corporates as well as individuals which covers Civil, Criminal, Constitutional & Consumer cases.

Great Companies: How do you ensure that the best quality service is provided to your clients?

Vikram Bhatnagar: We focus on the problem being faced by the client and hear them patiently before providing solution and once we understood the matter we device such strategy that the problem gets resolved in least possible time. We put in all our efforts, time and research based knowledge to provide effective solution.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others?

Vikram Bhatnagar: Because we understand client’s problem and make it our own. 15 years of unchallenged trust and testimonials makes us stand out prominently. Service & Satisfaction has always been our utmost priority.

Great Companies: What led you to this field?

Vikram Bhatnagar: I belong to a family of law graduates where most of my family and extended family members are in judiciary and others are in allied services. Since birth, I have witnessed law around me, it would not be too much to say that Law is in my DNA and that is why I am into this field.

Great Companies: Do you provide training?

Vikram Bhatnagar: Yes, we do entertain Interns, and when we have them in our office we try to give them the best exposure of the law field which will eventually educate them and help them decide their future career.



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