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Vandana Tolani - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Vandana Tolani

Business Name: Convanto

Location: Gurgaon, India

Establishment (Year): 2014

Category/Industry: Legal & Accounting and Finance, Insurance

Profession/ Specialty: Investment Banking

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

At their company, they're passionate about helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals. Whether you're a startup looking to raise capital, or an established company seeking to expand into new markets, they have the expertise and experience to guide you through the complexities of business growth and development.

Their approach is grounded in practical experience, and they draw on their deep expertise in operational growth to provide tailored advice and guidance. They can help you with everything from developing a strong brand identity and building a loyal customer base, to preparing a pitch deck that resonates with investors and raising capital to fuel your growth.

In addition to capital raising, they offer a wide range of advisory services to help you execute your business plan and achieve success. Their team can help you with strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, project planning, and more. They take a comprehensive approach to their work, understanding that each business has unique needs and challenges.

They believe that the key to success is execution, and they work closely with their clients to help them implement effective strategies that maximize their results. Whether you need help with financial planning, business execution, or organizational growth, they have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

So if you're looking for a partner to help guide you through the challenges of business growth, they'd love to speak with you. Their team is dedicated to helping businesses achieve success, and they're passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Get in touch with them today to learn more about how they can help you succeed.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

From mentoring business start-ups to advising on fundraising and brand positioning, her career has been focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. One of the most rewarding aspects of her work has been the difference she has been able to make in the lives of others. She has helped businesses of all sizes achieve their financial goals, from small startups to established enterprises.

One of her proudest achievements has been her work with female entrepreneurs, who often face unique challenges in the business world. By providing guidance and support, She has helped many women successfully launch and grow their businesses. Additionally, She has been privileged to serve as a mentor, judge, and guest speaker at various startup events, where she has had the opportunity to share her expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

She believes that the key to making a difference in the lives of others is to truly listen and understand their needs. By taking the time to get to know each entrepreneur and their business, she is able to provide tailored advice and support that is specific to their unique situation. This approach has led to countless success stories, as she has watched businesses grow and thrive under her guidance.

Overall, She is proud of the difference she has been able to make in the lives of others through her work. Whether it's by helping businesses achieve their financial goals or supporting female entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams, She is committed to using her expertise and experience to make a positive impact on the world.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Over the years, She has been fortunate enough to have a lot of exciting experiences in her professional life. One of her biggest achievements has been helping numerous businesses to raise capital and grow into successful enterprises. As an advisor, She has had the privilege of working with small, medium and large companies, helping them to find their product-market fit, and create successful branding strategies.

Apart from that, she is also proud of her expertise in investment management, strategic planning, and execution advisory. She has had the opportunity to assist various startups in building high-performing teams, and developing innovative strategies that drive results. Over time, she has gained a reputation for her operational expertise in funding, creating value, and maximizing results.

She has also been invited to participate in 200+ talks and events across numerous corporate and academic institutions as a mentor, judge, and guest speaker. It's always an honor to be recognized as a thought leader and to share her experiences and insights with aspiring entrepreneurs.

She is passionate about helping businesses reach the right people and fulfill their business requirements. As a result, she has been featured in leading business news channels and publications like LATOKEN, Business World, and Business Outlook. It's always a thrill to see her work and insights being shared with a broader audience. She is proud of her team at Convanto, who have been instrumental in achieving these successes. Their dedication and hard work have been a driving force behind their growth and the successes of the businesses they've worked with.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

As she reflects on her journey as an entrepreneur, She is grateful for the opportunities she had to create value for others. One thing that has inspired her throughout her career is the power of human connection, and how it can drive growth and success for businesses of all sizes. From the small startups to large enterprises, she has worked with a diverse range of clients, each with their unique challenges and goals.

In her work, she has been fortunate to play a key role in helping clients raise capital, navigate mergers and acquisitions, and develop branding strategies that resonate with their target audiences. But what she is most proud of is the impact she has had on the lives of the people she has worked with. Whether it's coaching a new CEO through the challenges of managing a growing team, or helping a client achieve a long-held business goal, seeing others succeed has been one of the greatest rewards of her career.

One of the things that sets her approach apart is her focus on collaboration and building strong relationships with her clients. Rather than seeing herself as an outside expert, she strives to work alongside her clients as a trusted partner and advisor, leveraging her experience and insights to help them achieve their goals. And while she is proud of the results she has been able to achieve, she knows that there is always more to learn and ways to improve.

Looking ahead, she is excited about the opportunities to continue making a difference in the lives of others through her work as an entrepreneur. She believes that by staying humble, staying connected to her clients, and continuing to learn and grow, she can create even greater impact and help even more businesses succeed. Whether it's through expanding her own company or mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, she is committed to giving back and making a positive difference in the world around her.



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