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Mihir Koltharkar, Founder at 24 Karat Training International

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Mihir Koltharkar : I have been in the training domain for 21 years. In the last corporate assignment as a Sales Training Head for a Multinational Luxury Real Estate Company, I was able to enhance the sales capabilities of 800+ Sales professionals, which resulted in a 31% increase in turnover amounting to $1.2 Billion, in just 1 year. That's when I thought that such powerful knowledge on structured sales and negotiation should not be restricted to just one organization, and hence I started 24 Karat Training International in 2017 to reach out to people globally, and add immense value to their lives.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by 24 Karat Training International?

Mihir Koltharkar : We provide customized training sessions for organizations as well as public sessions on Sales (Impossible Sales), Negotiation (PowerFULL Negotiator), Key Account Management (KAM Unlimited) and Sales Leadership (Sales Leadership Mastery). Sometimes, based on availability, we also undertake requests from Business owners or Professionals in Management Positions for 1:1 coaching programs.

Great Companies: What makes your training sessions different from sessions by hundreds of other Sales Training Firms?

Mihir Koltharkar : The name 24 Karat Training was chosen to signify 'Highest Quality and Purity' in Training. I am extremely passionate about adding value, and hence I always go the extra mile while doing the Training Needs Identification and Analysis. Prior to undertaking any session, we invest time to connect with every participant, as well as the management and leadership team of the organization, to craft a result oriented training approach. Each training course has a blended learning approach - a mix of Assessments, Individual and Group Exercises, Brainstorming Sessions, Presentations, Videos, Case Studies, Roleplays and Assignments, thus making it immersive and engaging.

With a rich 21 years experience of conducting 2000+ sessions across Sectors in 9 countries, I am able to deliver practical solutions for every attending participant .We have a proven track record where organizations have seen a drastic turnaround in Sales and Profits immediately after the sessions. Our client testimonials speak volumes, and thus we majorly get referral business.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Mihir Koltharkar : When 2020 started, we had some great international projects in hand. We were to establish a physical presence in 3 new countries, however we had to restructure our approach since travel was restricted. We realized that scaling up globally is a challenge in the current situation. During the pandemic we shifted gears fast, and started conducting online sessions and focused on business growth. We also decided to search and finalize like- minded business partners who have similar ethics and passion, so that when things get back to normal soon, we can implement the expansion plan, and host our physical workshops internationally to enrich our brand image, credibility, and ofcourse business.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for 24 Karat Training International?

Mihir Koltharkar : We have our eyes set on increasing geographical reach in Africa and South East Asia currently, and then explore partnerships in the US and Canada. We will soon launch pre-recorded workshops on Sales and Negotiation for individuals. In the next 5 years, we foresee a team of certified trainers in each country of presence, to deliver our signature workshops in respective local languages.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Mihir Koltharkar : Believe, Persist and Adapt. I started 24 Karat Training without any funding or back-up in 2017. For the initial 6 months, we didn't have any projects, and things were looking bleak. I invested my time to learn about marketing, create websites, focused on branding strategies, strengthening social media profiles, and fixed daily goals on what actions need to be taken. We focused on efforts, knowing that they will bear fruits. Things went wrong in the initial phase, however we learnt from mistakes and constantly adapted. There were some huge international training contracts which got pulled away at the last minute due to some external factors. And on top of it, I encountered some personal setbacks too during the time. Many tried to discourage me and advised me to give up, however I was stubborn to believe in my dream. Today I am ranked amongst 'Top 20 Global Trainers in Sales' along with Brian Tracy and Jordan Belfort. I have authored a book on Sales, been on TEDx twice, spoken at the World SME Summit, and I continue to work with premium organizations globally. I enjoy my freedom and have enough time to pursue my hobbies like Gliding, Rifle Shooting, traveling to different countries, spending time with friends and family, gaining knowledge, and living my life purpose of adding immense value to others. This has all happened because I believed, persisted and adapted. It is easy to dream, however it requires daily courage to see it through.





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