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Manju Mastakar - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Manju Mastakar

Business Name: Armstrong Capital & Financial Services Pvt. Ltd

Location: Bangalore, India

Establishment (Year): 2010

Category/ Industry: Legal & Accounting and Finance, Insurance

Profession/ Specialty: Investment Advisor

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

It is a financial services company that provides solutions in Financial Planning, Investment Management and Wealth Management. The company has a strong focus on sustainable investments and strives to make a positive impact on society. With a team of experienced professionals, Armstrong Capital & Financial Services Pvt. Ltd has established itself as a reliable partner for clients seeking innovative and customized financial solutions. The company is based in Bangalore India, and serves clients across various industries and sectors.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

Armstrong Capital And Financial Services' USP is its goal-based financial plan. The company's approach involves a comprehensive and personalized financial planning process that begins with understanding a client's past investments and identifying their life goals. Each client is assigned a Personal Investment Adviser, along with a Service Manager, and supported by in-house research and technology. The company's advisors specialize in various areas of financial planning, allowing them to provide customized solutions that meet their clients' unique needs. Armstrong Capital's holistic approach, specialized expertise, and personalized service differentiate it from others who offer more limited, transactional services.

Challenges Faced During The Journey:

When Manju Mastakar started her career in the capital markets in 1997, the dealing room was male-dominated and conversations were often filled with expletives and foul language, making the job even more challenging. Despite the gender inequality, she persevered and had to do a lot of research before making recommendations since information was not readily available over the internet at the time. By going to the library, reading books, magazines, and shareholder reports, making notes, and writing research reports, she gained the respect of their colleagues, boss, and clients. Through hours of hard work, continuous research, and customer focus, her recommendations eventually gained the attention of senior colleagues with over 10 years of experience who acted on her views and recommendations.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

In advising young women entrepreneurs, it is important to recognize the incredible strength, resilience, and creativity that women have demonstrated historically in building successful businesses. The advice given is to first identify passions and interests, as focusing on what one is passionate about can provide motivation and energy. Further, it is recommended to invest in knowledge and skills through courses, books, and workshops, as well as building a strong network with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential investors. Believing in oneself is also emphasized, recognizing that setbacks and challenges may arise, but with the right skills, knowledge, and passion, success is achievable.



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