Gagan Goswami- Managing Director of Heritage Infraspace India Private Limited

Great Companies: What all kinds of construction services does your company provides?

Gagan Goswami: Diaphragm Wall for Deep Basements and Metro Projects, Top Down Construction, Shoring & Piling, Soil Anchoring, Sheet Piling, Micro Piling, Vibrofloatation and Solar Projects.

Great Companies: What has been your motivation towards a successful business?

Gagan Goswami: Running your own business means that you can give customers what you believe to be the best products and services. Seeing positive and appreciative reactions from your customers based on what you provide them is incredibly motivating for me. I am always eager in trying and figuring things out if I can do the same work in much lesser time frame maintaining the same quality and safety standards. The missionary zeal as I navigate new challenges and opportunities keeps me going through the long hours.

I’ve always been extremely social and a huge networker. It’s been my most fruitful tool in building HIPL. I’m constantly making connections with those around me that benefits the overall business. 

My motivation has always stemmed from my team i.e Heritage Family. Throughout our journey, the shared responsibility everyone on my team expresses – genuinely treating our company as if it is their own – is an indescribable thing to witness, and incredibly gratifying.

Being responsible for the income of my employees and their families in these tough times, I have to ensure that the business is thriving. It’s stressful at times but drives me to seek as many opportunities to grow and ensure the company is prospering. It’s also quite rewarding knowing I’m able to help and support these families and it motivates me to grow my business so that I may able to hire much more employees and help as many people as I can.

I want to pass the knowledge and creations to the future generation socially in Foundation Engineering i.e Diaphragm wall technology for deep Basements as retaining wall to minimize the accidents in construction industry. 

I want to create something meaningful that’s going to outlast.

Great Companies: Who are your target costumers and how do you satisfy them?

Gagan Goswami: Builders and developers are our target customers. Recently we are trying to get as many Metro Projects and Infrastructure projects we can.

HIPL does the construction work which provides best value and impression to the clients. We provide services by securing best quality and cost competitiveness. We are having all specialized advanced  equipment from International manufacturer as per client requirements. 

We are having modern machineries which cater to the International Standards with a fleet that are incomparable to any other company in India for Diaphragm Wall and Piling. We have a strong management and technical team for execution of projects who dedicates the completion of projects within the timeline maintaining high Quality and Safety Standards.

As per the booming market requirements for ready mix concrete, Heritage has started its own Schwing Stetter 60 Cu m (M1), RMC PLANT recently from 26th May, 2019.

We have introduced Diaphragm Wall for deep basements with design and built option with 300 mm to 600 mm D Wall (300 mm for single/double basement, 450 – 500 mm for three/four basement and 600 mm for 5 basement)

We have worked in Kochi Metro,  Ahmedabad Metro, DLF Downtown at Gurugram, Sabarmati Riverfront at Ahmedabad, Daman Sea Front, Water Supply Project for KMC Kolkata, 5 Basement Project for Venus Stratum at Ahmedabad, Phoenix Mall and Multiplex at Vijayawada, NBCC, NCC ,Diaphragm wall for infrastructure projects for Dams and Jetty in South India etc.

Great Companies: What is your mission and how do you plan to achieve it?

Gagan Goswami: Mission Statement - To strengthen our position as a market leader in Construction of Diaphragm Wall and Piling.

We have entered a Niche Market - Becoming a leader in a market with well-established players is unlikely. Instead of trying to battle over saturated, broad markets, we have found a narrow market and a specialized product and  service. The smaller the market, the easier it will be to become a leader. Hence we chose the practical implications of Diaphragm Wall and Soil Anchoring Works for constructing underground and deep basements which very few people knew about.