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Dr.Kunal Dheep- Orthopedic Surgeon

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your service? Kunal Dheep : Hi, I am Dr. Kunal Dheep. I am the Medical Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at TORC -Taj Orthopaedic Research Centre, an Orthopaedic Speciality hospital at the temple city of Madurai. We are a 8 year old Orthopaedic set up catering to the Elite as well as the needy of our city with Sub-speciality care in bone and joint surgery. We have a board of Orthopaedic consultants, who are best in their chosen sub-speciality in Orthopaedics and fine emergency rooms with an able team to tackle with the most difficult situations of accident and trauma.

Great Companies:   How are you handling the current situation of chaos caused due to the spread of the coronavirus? Kunal Dheep : Corona Virus has made a very loud opening statement using its contagion and damage to life. It came across as a sudden jolt from out of the blue and it requires a lot of grit and understanding for us to get out of it. The volume of business done and the financial implications are there for everyone to see. At TORC, we are taking great risk and have kept our emergency services open 24/7 since the lockdown. Although there has been a considerable decrease in road traffic accidents, domestic falls and trivial injuries requiring non-surgical and surgical management have been on the rise. We have strictly kept our surgical services to EMERGENCIES ONLY format and we will be wary of this virus for sometime now. We follow all the government orders and enforce the same among our staff who are understanding in these times to serve people. Great Companies:  How do you provide such quality services to your clients? Is it because of your team or your methods? Kunal Dheep : Like I have already said, I have been blessed with an able team of doctors working round the clock including vascular and plastic surgeons who are my most prized possessions. I would not have done justice had I not mentioned my support staff- the nurses, administrative staff, pharmacist, lab technician, my radiologist and operation theatre staff who have been my back bone and have been my pillar of strength even during these testing times. Quality service is achieved by passion of the service providers. We at TORC are a passionate group of people who go out of the way to render their services.

Great Companies: What is the best way to prepare masks and gloves at home ? Kunal Dheep : It is always difficult to start a new habit. Even as small a habit of wearing a wrist watch for people who have never worn it is a mammoth task. Wearing a mask is one such but it is most imperative to get used to this new normal as soon as possible. We can use a 3 layered cloth mask. One layer of regular cloth with 2 more layers of thin muslin cloth should suffice but it should be wide enough to comfortably close your mouth and nose. PULLING THE MASK DOWN WHILE SPEAKING IS A STRICT NO-NO. Great Companies:  What message would you like to send to the people who are trying to protect them from this virus by staying at home? Kunal Dheep : People who are staying at home during this difficult period are doing the RIGHT thing. Listen to whatever the government is saying. They are being advised by able doctors and larger institutions such as AIIMS at delhi who have the best doctors in the world. Please don’t venture out without a mask. Maintain social distancing. And as the saying goes “There is light at the end of the tunnel”. Please be patient and endure the distance of the tunnel to enjoy the light. Jai Hind.



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