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Bidit Roy, Founder at Bluebird Moving Stories

Great Companies : How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Bidit Roy : In short - While I was working in IT in 2014, I had founded a social collective by the name MYOM (Make Your Own Movement) wherein we engaged in community welfare activities over the weekends. During those days I started making short post-activity videos and then once made a 15 min amatuer documentary for a mega fundraiser event MYOM had organized. The positive recognition and my newly developed interest made me want to explore more. Few months later I quit IT and started working in a couple of small firms to develop my skills on the job and learn the trade. Post that I freelanced for a couple of years before embarking on Jagriti Yatra in 2018 - the world's largest entrepreneurial expedition. It's a 15 day train journey across India where we met and learnt from changemakers in urban and rural India along with 450 other young co-travelers. It was the most transforming experience so far. Upon completion of the Yatra I decided to set up my own media firm to take my intention of utilizing my skills for the greater good to the next level.

Great Companies : What are the various Services provided by Bluebird Moving Stories

Bidit Roy : We are into video production, brand identities, graphic design, product and company photography, animation and digital marketing.

Great Companies : What makes Bluebird Moving Stories different from hundreds of other Design and Media firms?

Bidit Roy : The core of the company lies in keeping human values first before everything else. We deliver solutions which personifies the story of the Founders or the values of the organization and the people in it.

The non-fiction films which we produce in-house are crafted to share the stories in the most authentic way by utilizing few signature traits like - only utilizing the voice of protagonists and Cinema Verite style of production. This becomes our USP.

Great Companies : What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Bidit Roy : 1. Finding 'driven' and dependable people is a challenge. Most people tend to jump ships quite often these days which significantly impacts ongoing projects or the future plans.

2. Open mindedness of clients is a rare sight. They want something novel but are either not clear in their heads or are not willing to experiment.

3. Artists are taken for granted. It takes immense effort to create something on a blank canvas and it is very easy to critique a finished product. Only if the stakeholders really get their hands dirty in the process, then there might be a bit more appreciation and value for the creator and the content.

Great Companies : How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Bluebird Moving Stories?

Bidit Roy : I see Bluebird Moving Stories as a place where causes and voices which are away from the spotlight get all the attention and support. A 'good' video story is the first touch-point for anyone to get associated with any individual, cause or organisation. And a 'good' film can come at a steep price. Bluebird wants to bridge the gap by leveraging the strengths of either party to create a win-win scenario with our upcoming ‘Flight of Bluebird’ initiative.

Five year downstream, Bluebird is expected to grow into a small team of committed visual storytellers, and the YouTube channel as one of the prominent places for non-fiction, fiction and experimental content.

Great Companies : If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Bidit Roy : The answer lies in the question itself - Just start out! There are enough ideas with people but unless they are executed, the world will never get to see it. We need to understand the margin between planning and over planning because the moment we go into the 'over' zone, our natural instincts to attain stability and safety kicks in and that inhibits us from moving forward. Plans evolve with time; change is the only thing constant in this universe. Taking the initial steps is the most important part of any journey to understand its true potential.



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