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Interview of Rahul Verma CEO & Founder of Roohi Hospitality Group

Interviewer- Can you provide me with a description of your business?

Rahul Verma: ROOHI is an innovative & most emerging an International Hotel Management & Franchise, Hotel Marketing & Sales Representation and Hotel Consulting company with plethora of services for an individual & stand alone Hotels Palaces Resorts & Destinations across the country.

ROOHI Hotel Management & Franchise Services support individual stand alone hotel owners & operators in Pre-Opening / Launch & Operations with our 7 international hotels brands and uncovers the hidden revenue opportunities & potential, minimise operational & sales expenses through our expertise & skills with our dedicated & experienced team.

We relentlessly focus to generate top line revenue & bottom line profits by creating extremest satisfied guests. With our 7 hotel brands under Staarbridge International Hotel Management Company (SIHM) based out in Bangkok, streamline all operational aspects & execute an international level guidelines, SOPs & Brand standards helps partner to compete against other National & International brands & acquire niche positioning within hospitality sector with desired market share. Our brands meet all the need of business and leisure travellers seeking comfort, attention and high quality services, We have currently 18 hotels & resorts in our portfolio operational in Bangkok, Phuket, Hong Kong, Pattaya, Indonesia & Vietnam.

Seven Seas Luxury & Glamorous Five Star Luxury Hotels and Resorts

  1. StarGates - Four Star City Hotels & Resorts

  2. StarLight’s –Four Star Beaches or Mountains Hotels & Resorts

  3. Nova Boutique – Four-Five Star Luxury Private Boutiques Hotels & Resorts

  4. Fairyland “Green Concept” Four to Five star Hotels & Resorts.

  5. Sunny Lion – Premier Budget Beaches or Mountains Hotels & Resorts.

  6. Sky House – Premier Budget city Hotels

ROOHI Hotel Marketing & Sales Representation services offer an extensive product suite to individual stand alone hotels through our Branding, Marketing & Sales Representation nationwide helps to maximise the success of any hotel regardless of category around the world. Branding is the main pulse of any star hotel, ROOHI maximise the revenue with intelligent Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management. ROOHI takes up the complete Sales & Marketing operations (Online & Offline) for luxury to economy hotels and strive to enhance better & healthy financial returns. Team focus to generate high end premium business & maximise yield within Corporate & Travel Trade partners with their strong past relationship & vast experience in respective market nationwide. ROOHI stands for “REVENUE OPTIMISING OPPORTUNITIES FOR HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY”

ROOHI Hotel Consulting Services create substantial and valuable solutions to individual stand alone hotels owners & operators with HR Recruitment and Property Acquisition Services. We build the best team for our partner as the team will impact brand overall success and fame. ROOHI is expert in dealing the properties at right value to the clients in the hospitality industry. Our Team of experts in Property Acquisition works in a pragmatic and fully aligned way basing on the interests of our clients. ROOHI works on the mandates for the investors and the owners of the hotels across the globe. We also support the group of hotels for the expansion strategies.

ROOHI Stäärbridge SIHM will be focusing on our following key specialization & services to drive success through Management Consulting I Hotel Franchise Management Service I Hotel Representation I Technical Services I Pre-Opening Hotel I Quality Control I Quality Management I Liability for all Ongoing Expenses I Individual Attention I Analysis of Market Study I Hotel Operating Philosophies I Brand Creations I Mystery Shopper I Hotel Star and Service Standard Rating Service.

ROOHI Stäärbridge SIHM is planning at its best with a future goal of reaching 20 hotels in 2019 and to eventually grow by 2020-2021. We love to have a positive human connection and through Stäärbridge, ROOHI is going to be a part of Child Welfare in India. ROOHI Stäärbridge SIHM’s Low profit margin service, Commitment, Honesty and Strategic plans will made ROOHI Stäärbridge SIHM as the most trusted Hospitality brand in India.

Conscript Recruit. Recognize. Retain

Interviewer- How did you get started in this business?

Rahul Verma: I have been working in Industry since 2 decade & associated mostly with Luxury to economy individual standalone hotels & resorts across the country. I am witness for the challenges our Individual stand alone brand Owner faces on daily basis which impact the overall quality & standard of services for the guest & ultimately impacts the top & bottom line. Looking at current scenario in hospitality industry me & Pallavi Verma (Director & Co-founder) decided to create platform specially for Individual brands & support them in each & every aspects of Pre-Opening, Launch, Hotels Operations, Asset Management & Franchise, Policy & Procedures, SOPs, Brand Guidelines, Branding, Marketing, Sales, HR Recruitment, Property Acquisition & Expansion etc… designed & customised as per individual need under ONE UMBRELLA with help of our combined three & half decade experience in Industry and our in-depth knowledge in respective domain, our skills & area of expertise and strong relation in Industry.

Pallavi Verma - Director & Co-founder, well versed with PR, Revenue Management, MIS, Administration, HR & all kind of backend process in Industry and I am from Marketing & General Administration background, this duo helped us to implement right process & system for all our partners which in turns get better & quicker ROI.

We have created a “ROOHI Community" where plethora of services have been introduced which guide them to avail any kind of OUTSOURCED services with timely deliverables & operated in ethical manner.

Interviewer- Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Rahul Verma: I think, A family oriented business, as a duo husband wife role in this company helps us to be at edge with our competitors where we consider all projects & partners as our family and work accordingly. We also believe in partnership either with our own employees & hotel partners. We are a low profit margin company & try to contribute certain percentage in society welfare & also our employees are our partners holds percentage in Company profit. OUR Philosophy & beliefs are PEOPLE, PROPERTY & PROFIT and most important we are in mission to create better revenue & employment opportunities for Industry with at least 20% better Salary Structure for all employees which impact the life style & quality of living for all employee & their families associated with our company. I believe these are few work ethics & principles helps us to be at edge over our competitors and become must trusted & honest hospitality brand associated with Luxury hospitality brands like Hard Rock Hotel Goa, Madhubhan Resort & Spa, Gujarat, Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra, The Royal Retreat Resort & Spa, Udaipur, Fountainhead Leadership Centre, Alibaug, Hotel Grand Visava, Lonavala & Zara’s resort, Khandala.

The JOINT VENTURE partnership & Master Franchise (INIDIA) with STAARBRIDGE (SIHM) INTERNATIONAL HOTEL MANAGEMENT COMPANY (BANGKOK) empower us to reach more geographies than ever before. The objectives of the Stäärbridge SIHM for the first 5 years in Asia of operation include: Exceeding Customer’s Expectation in range from Luxury Glamorous to Premier Budget for Accommodation, Food and Events and Maintaining the 80% Occupancy rate for all year around with desired market mix and share.

We empower the independent owner and operator to compete with the nationwide & worldwide chains and help hotel maximise result in three fundamental areas: People, Property and Profit. We provide service designed to meet individual brand needs to increase financial return through Customer Satisfaction, Work Culture, Commit to People and Care for Environment.

Interviewer- What are the biggest issues for running this business?

Rahul Verma: I think, Industry insight & knowledge about the advantage of Outsourcing Sales & Marketing, Operation & Asset Management is required little more and People management along with Funds management are few important area which need to be handled carefully in day to day operations & running this business.

Interviewer- What suggestions would you like to give to the young budding entrepreneurs?

Rahul Verma: Think, Believe, Desire & Dare …. and fearlessly work on your passion for your Industry/domain to create a thoughtful & visionary platform which help people/industry to grow NOT JUST MAKING YOURSELF GROW !!

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