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Interview of Dhara Mehta Founder of The Kids Company

Interviewer: How did you initiate the motive of helping out the children?

Dhara: It all started with a realisation of a need - a gap!

While I was raising my son from an infant to a toddler, I picked up a very important insight –

‘Play is the work of childhood and is the highest form of education!’

Like most young parents, we would often spend our noons playing board games, exploring LEGO bricks and solving puzzles. While I was doing that I realised that I could teach my son so many life skills and lessons which are of vital importance and which are very difficult to imbibe in a child in a formal school set up.

On observing other mommies and children around I realized that while play was a part of a child’s routine it was often used by caregivers as a form of relaxation or break from learning.

However as a mother I realized that play was the best educational tool an adult could have.

This thought ignited a spark in me; to create a service that would bridge this gap of play & learning and thus was born The Kids Company in 2013.

Interviewer: How do you stick to your mission of creating an intellectual environment for kids out there?

Dhara: Well, it’s a pretty simple equation – I thrown in hours of HARD WORK to do a lot of FUN things!

There is a lot of research and thought behind each game/activity / story / LEGO creation done in class. Often people misunderstand my work and define it only by the number of hours I conduct sessions but there is a lot more to it that happens off the classroom. I literally spent hours sitting on the floors of toy stores in various countries playing games with the store managers and only when I am thoroughly convinced, that’s when that game makes it to my shopping cart. Once the handpicked games come to my center, I spend hours understanding the rules of the games, tweaking them to make them more fun and educational. So that was all about curating games. The second and most important aspect is the experience for the kids in the classroom not missing out on achieving any of the chalked out learning objectives.

Interviewer: What all the qualities of a child do you focus on?

Dhara: At The Kids Company, our mission is simple, to create an environment for children,

which combines intellectually stimulating & creatively engaging activities along with fun, play, thrill and excitement.

Our activities are aimed at improving the child’s skills related to logical thinking, problem solving, self management, communication and inter personal skills along with igniting the spark of creative thinking. Through our LEGO sessions, we take our kids on a journey to explore their imagination and creativity.