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Interview of Chetan Jain Founder of Stuff Inc

Chetan Jain

Interviewer- What measures do you take to maintain a long term relationship with your clients?

Chetan Jain- Update them regularly thru social media, emails, messages about new product launches & follow up and try to get a review of the product after a sale.

Interviewer- What are your plans regarding expanding your services products in 'Stuff Inc.’?

Chetan Jain- Increase customer reach to more and more cities in India. Tie up with more

international brands to offer good quality products here.

Interviewer- What are the qualities that makes your company different from other poker providers?

Chetan Jain - Timely delivery, genuine commitments, fair pricing, good quality products, tie up with international brands

Interviewer- What kind of pressure you have to handle while satiating client’s needs and providing them an absolute satisfaction?

Chetan Jain - Timely delivery can be a pressure at times, because most of our products are imported which can get delayed for reasons not in our control. Maintaining the quality standards high at all times.

Interviewer- What advice would you give to emerging entrepreneurs?

Chetan Jain - Keep yourself updated with latest trends and customer needs, during low periods of business don’t give up and keep going.

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