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Interview of Rashie Sinha Founder of The Yellow Car Company

Interviewer- What was the idea behind 'The Yellow Car Company’s?

Rashie Sinha- The Yellow Car Company is a business solutions firm offering specialized services in the field of strategy and training to help drive organisations on path of exponential growth. During my corporate stint, I spearheaded multiple product launches/business vertical launch. Based on my experience, I realised that we tend to sometimes miss the most obvious ‘to do’ things which could make our organisation great; for example, designing a clear strategy is a key step to aligning organization goals but not many companies do a great job of it. As a professional working for a company, I could work and make a difference with only one organisation however I wanted to take my learning to a whole new level where I can support multiple organizations in their growth journey's. Hence the idea behind 'The Yellow Car Company' was to bring on board my 15-16 years of corporate experience and training skill to deliver support to multiple organisation simultaneously.

Interviewer- What type of strains you have to handle in maintaining the efficiency of various tools and services you provide?

Rashie Sinha- We have two major areas of work – Strategy Solutions and People Training.

Both the services are interlinked. You need a great strategy to ensure that your organisation moves ahead and at the same time you need the right skills and motivated people to implement the strategy. Many times people love the “gyaan” but tend to fall short on implementation due to their age old mind blocks. This acts as a major challenge for us in ensuring creating the desired impact of the offered solutions. We largely work with SMEs and Start-ups and interestingly this issue arises with both. With our experience of dealing with such mind blocks we have developed few training modules which help us move ahead.

Interviewer- What were the main challenges you faced during establishment?

Rashie Sinha- Well, nothing major. I understand the industry well enough to know the way around. My experience with working with an organisation who deal a lot with start-ups, Venture Capitalist, i-banks, Angel Investors etc. helped me a lot in setting up my own setup.

Interviewer- Since you have clients all over India , do you have any plans of expanding branches of 'The Yellow Car Company’ in other cities too?

Rashie Sinha- Expansion is always an important part of growth of any organisation. So, yes we do plan to have our branches in other cities too, soon.

Interviewer- What motivating words you would like to say to budding entrepreneurs in order to make them grow?

Rashie Sinha- It is generally said as a motivational quote, ‘Never Give Up’. I somehow disagree with it. I believe, in business it is not always a great idea to not give up. It is ok, to let go at times but never stop from re-starting & reinventing!

Another important thing that entrepreneurs should keep in mind is that, funding is good but it is important to ensure that your business model first becomes self-sustaining. You should seek funding for growing your business not to sustain it.

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