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Interview of Mr. Shyam Iyer Founder & CEO of 60 Bits Consulting

Interviewer: How do you provide a platform for the young people to showcase their talents?

Shyam Iyer: Today’s young people learn by doing and actively experimenting. They are fast learners and want to challenge the status quo. They need to know why they are learning what they are learning. They don’t like to be told what to do. They need to be inspired. Hence, in our Consulting and Training services when we are designing and executing robust frameworks or designing and executing training programs the focus is on impacting the business outcomes and aligning it with the employees expectations and aspirations.

When we design the HR processes and systems for organisations keeping employee at the center and as its internal customer which covers various employee life cycle as the touch point. So for example either it be a Performance Management System, Talent Management system or Employee Engagement processes we enable each of these processes to showcase the talent inherent in today's millennial that provides them with a platform to develop their capabilities and competencies thus linking it to their career growth and aspirations.

In our Trainings we inspire learners to think, use the right and left brain of the participants. The participants who attend our open workshops or customized in-house company workshops have experienced the power of learning thru FIR – Fun, Introspection and Reflection way.

Our learning methodology is based on KOLB’s learning cycle wherein we engage with our participants as part of the learning format using Principles of Creative Arts and Process facilitation. None of our workshops or training programs uses the conventional PPT based one way content downloading. We cater to the multiple learning styles and create learning opportunities which is co created with the participant along with powerful job aids that helps them to retain the learning and application at work.

At 60 Bits Consulting we groom young talent by providing HR internship opportunities and giving them practical exposure to our live projects.

Interviewer: How do you make sure to solve all the complex business problems of the big organisations? Shyam Iyer: We are a Human Resource Management Consulting Firm with more than 50+ years hands on practitioner experience in Strategic and Business HR, Driving OD, Change Interventions, Facilitation and Training.

We believe insights drive results and the best insights come from people – their team and their customers. First and foremost is to break the business problems and state whats the current problem and what are the desired outcome.

Our approach is 5D which is a tried and tested methodology that offers maximum impact on business results.

The first D is Define Business Needs Clearly, the second D is Design Customized experience, the third D is Deliver for application, the fourth D is Drive learning transfer and the fifth D is Document results.

Using Process and Creative Facilitation, Organizational Improve and Design Thinking, we co create and customize the solutions for actionable results that bring value to the organizations. Thus we enable and empower organizations to solve complex business problems, create sound HR Architecture, enhance customer value and improve team and individual performance.

Interviewer: What are your suggestions to young budding entrepreneurs? Shyam Iyer: Follow your heart and passion. Define your purpose and the very existence of your business very clearly and empower your team.

Be resilient and be ready to fail and learn from it. The more you fail it just means you are taking the risk to move ahead. Always look at the bigger picture where you want to take your business in the years to come and work towards it each day. Lastly don’t be afraid to be different. Remember Small change makes a big difference.

Interviewer: Do you plan to further expand your business? How do you plan to do so ?

Shyam Iyer : We are currently expanding our business by empanelling like minded HR and OD professionals including women professionals who have taken a sabbatical break. We are also looking out to explore partners in different states of India and abroad who can launch our two Signature workshops which are most sought after.

Interviewer: What are the problems in the field of HR and how would you suggest to tackle them ?

Shyam Iyer : All groups and organizations rely on how well their leadership is able to inspire, catalyse and sustain shared learnings and decision making. Structured participation enables deeper levels of commitment, greater capacity for sharing wisdom and owning decisions arrived at collectively.

The role of HR functions has undergone a tremendous change in the last few years. On one hand is the growing importance of understanding business and being aligned with it. On the other is the increasing importance of being the driver of culture and a person who enables common thinking and commitment / ownership across the organization especially when changes happen.

To do this, the HR person needs to be doing the role of “Helping Relationships” by being able to influence managers across levels in the organization and be able to intervene appropriately in various situations to enable shared commitment and alignment to a common goal / purpose. The outcome of doing this is high performance of the organization and enhanced engagement of people.

The skill to be able to get collective engagement and alignment is what Facilitation is all about. Being facilitative is a different way of interacting with co-workers and viewing a task. According to Webster’s dictionary, “Facilitate”, from the root word “facile”, is to “make easy or easier”. It means functioning with a mindset of serving others, allowing the group and the situation to “be in control”. As an HR leader, this emphasis on people skills is powerful. Instead of having to “know”, you need to build the capacity for more people to “be in the know”

For inclusive participation to work, effective facilitation skills and processes are needed. Inclusive participation insures that every voice is heard, that every insight is given an opportunity and that no perspectives are allowed to dominate. Profound Respect allows for inclusive participation by honouring each individual equally and trusting that both the individuals and the group are capable of doing the work they have set out to do.

Effective processes make it possible for inclusive participation to happen as a creative, productive and even empowering experience.

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