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Interview of Mr. Shailendra Dave CEO & Director of BizzCat Tech Solutions & Services Pvt Ltd

Interviewer: How do you create and implement integrated human capital strategy?

Shailendra Dave : b’catalyst team, knowledge management arm of Bizzcat Tech Solutions & Services Pvt Ltd, HR Specialist and Digital Consultants works with Customer CHRO, HR and Business teams to understand Business Strategy and growth plans.

Based on Business Processes and work flow Integrated Human Capital Strategy consists of following elements:

  1. Creating Strategic Human Resources Framework for attracting, developing and retaining talent with a aim of servicing business goals

  2. Anchor The framework with a validated competency Model

  3. Core leadership categories and definitions

  4. Create system-wise metrics to monitor HCS efforts

  5. Develop practical tools to facilitate talent management and ensure a talent pipeline

  6. Formulate Strategic Objectives

  7. Formalize Processes

  8. Design Tools & metrices

In current environment Integrated Human Capital Strategy also encompasses of Digital Transformation Strategy, Human Capital Strategy involves advanced usage of HR Chat bot, Social Engagement and Reputation Management.

Our implementation process involves:

  • Create Business Objectives and Strategic action points

  • Business Deliverables Planning and stake holders sign-off

  • Formalize Processes and also identify Digitization and Automation

  • Design Project blueprint

  • Execution and Measurement metrices

  • On-going feedback analysis

  • Review against Business Goals

Interviewer: How do you effectively manage the performance of the enterprise?

Shailendra Dave :

Our Business Strategy & people performance team helps our clients implement strategic

business decisions by identifying and aligning people related factors critical to Business performance.We work with Organizations to improve their business performance through the following activities:

  • Articulating and cascading a clear and inspirational vision of the future

  • Translating and interpreting the business strategy to develop actionable goals

  • Identifying and articulating the business capabilities required to deliver the organization’svision and strategy

  • Structuring the design of the organization to maximize efficiency and deliver on strategy

  • Aligning performance management and reward strategies

  • Formulating of talent management strategies and succession planning

Interviewer: How do you strive to be the best in your field?

Shailendra Dave : Constant Improvement and Objective Analysis of our Performance

  • Our Constant endeavor to better ourselves is one Mantra for Our Success.

  • We look at Failure as a lesson to Improve our selves

  • More than anything we constantly strive to ensure that we stick to our:

Our Ethos:

  • SMALL is the new “BIG”.

  • Each Customer is Unique.

  • All Customers unique, & need an unique solution

  • Diagnose, & provide customers a right solution

  • A project is not Completed, unless it is Implemented

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Customer Centricity

  • Business Focus

Our Philosophy:

  • Process : Accelerate business strategy development & steer operational processes in a definite direction

  • People : Develop Human Capital framework which nurtures talent, measures, reward and recognize performance.

  • Performance : Create Sustainable growth for Business organizations

Interviewer: What do you have to say to the young entrepreneurs in your field ?

Shailendra Dave :

  • Learn

  • Unlearn

  • Be Self Motivated

  • We dissatisfied of your performance always

  • & Stretch that Rupee, because

Interviewer: How do you stick to your core values of integrity and professionalism?

Shailendra Dave :

  • We have Transparent Work Processes and Work culture

  • We value individual Talent and always allocate work as per the persons skills

  • We thought processes and work processes Always Think about the Culture

  • We believe in principles of Empathy & Courtesy & All inclusive behaviors towards all around, this has been primarily the reason for our esistence.

Interviewer: What are your future endeavours?

Shailendra Dave: We want to grow our Consulting Business , Solutions Business and Outsourcing Business.

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