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Interview of Mr. Aniket Gautam Founding Partner of MNSA Legal

Interviewer- How did you get an idea of establishing a law firm full of advocates and consultants?

Aniket Gautam - I developed the idea of establishing a law firm during my law school days. I graduated from Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), and subsequently when I joined the profession, the legal industry in India was still evolving and the Indian law firms were undergoing transformation. I realised that there is abundant scope for young lawyers to bloom into entrepreneurs by establishing law firms. A certain level of skill and expertise was required and I acquired the same during my early years in the legal profession.

Furthermore, I am fortunate to have met my three co-founder partners, and we decided to team up and establish a full-service law firm of advocates and legal consultants.

Interviewer- The services you provide covers a vast area. How did you handle the pressure of this level along with satiating your clients?

Aniket Gautam - Success cannot be achieved without effective team work. We have specialised teams possessing optimal expertise suitable for different practice areas and sectors.

We have strong commitment towards the highest quality of work and our specialisation and proficiency enables us to efficiently deliver in the matters pertaining to different practice areas of law and in various sectors. I must also mention that the pressure in legal profession is inevitable, and we enjoy every bit of it.

Interviewer- How did you manage to set your foot firm in this competitive field?

Aniket Gautam - Our philosophy and commitment towards our clients embrace the highest levels of accessibility, integrity, quality and responsiveness as well as an extremely proactive approach. We also have expertise in the relevant practice area and an in-depth industry focus.

I always have strong emphasis on the quality pertaining to the work being delivered to the clients and at the same time I balance the entrepreneurial features associated with my work.

We provide high-quality and customised legal services without hefty costs. Our legal services to our clients are flexible and collaborative. We also emphasise significantly on knowledge management for the resources associated with the firm.

Additionally, while advising the businesses and entrepreneurs on legal matters, we act as a part of the business team of the client and thoughtfully consider the specific business requirements and the risks involved from legal perspective. Therefore, our somewhat different approach enables us to strengthen our roots.

Interviewer- Do you have any plans of expanding MNSA Legal in other cities as well?

Aniket Gautam - In India, currently we have presence in Delhi and Mumbai, and we have an associate office in Bengaluru. We would definitely expand in other cities like Hyderabad, Chennai etc. Our expansion in other cities will principally depend upon the requirements of our clients as well as generation of work for us in those cities.

We also have a co-operating relationship (best friends’ arrangement) with Cathay Associates which is a global network of law firms initiated by Cathay Associates Kejie (jointly formed by a leading Chinese boutique law firm and a European law firm). Cathay

Associates has a global network of boutique law firms in more than fifty countries with offices in more than sixty cities globally.

Interviewer- What advice you would like to give small and future entrepreneurs to motivate them?

Aniket Gautam - One should venture into a particular trade or profession only if such person is passionate about it and he/she must have gained certain level of experience and expertise.

Further, one should never lose patience and must always be ready to handle pressure. Always stay focused and look forward to achieve the desired result. Never let anything stop you and keep going for what you want. For this, the future entrepreneurs must have faith in themselves and should always believe in ‘giving better than your best’. Success cannot be achieved without sacrifice and endurance. Never start a trade or profession solely for monetary benefit, money is not the product, it is merely a ‘by-product’ of accomplishments.

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