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Interview Of Ms. Silky Singh Founder Of Fresh Food Factory

Interviewer: What according to you is your 'Success Mantra?'

Ms.Silky Singh: I believe in enjoying the work on day to day basis.

Start up’s are like climbing a mountain .. if you keep looking up where to reach you will get tired. “Just one firm step at a time & keep going “

Interviewer: Do you have plans of training fresh entrepreneurs in the same field with your experiences so far?

Ms.Silky Singh: I definitely do .There are number of budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I try and provide them perspectives of start up’s . Many of us are not informed about government supports, subsidies & incubation centers. It’s very important that we spread the word.

As per food business ,I am also learning by hit and trial. I come from IT & consulting background . On daily basis I learn and unlearn the traditional ways of running a “hotel business”. My plan is to make this industry more robust and I will be glad to share the learning with anyone wanting to venture into this space.

Interviewer: How do you deal with impatient clients with specific clinical goals like losing or gaining weight?

Ms.Silky Singh: Many big brands promise “lose up to x kgs’ however we never give any commitment for weight loss & gains.We educate them on how clean eating helps one to start the weight loss/gain process. Many of our clients have seen results. We encourage them to follow healthy sustainable eating habits.Also,we help our clients with sugar less desserts and other healthy snacking options. This enables them stay on the plan and obtain maximum results.

Our clients don’t go impatient our food & service keeps them happy !

Interviewer: Upto what extent do you think you have been successful in providing your clients healthy and lipsmacking food?

Ms. Silky Singh: We are a fairly new company but our client retention is high. We have carefully curated balanced meals which are not only healthy but also tasty.Our menu is quite unique and we are constantly evolving to

improve.We are serving good number of clients on day to day basis and sales graph is upwards.

This is also because we offer wide range of healthy menu options. From salads to biryanis ;our pizza is all whole wheat & loaded with veggies & our salads can compete any pizza as I say.

Interviewer: What are your plans about opening your outlets in other cities too?

Ms. Silky Singh: We plan to open outlets across India and even abroad.

Currently, we are focusing on Mumbai market which itself generates huge demand. It is very important in food business to establish credibility before you expand. Each center will cost and only good brand value can give you consistent returns.Also,food business is quite operation heavy and we are taking baby steps to maintain quality & consistency.

Interviewer: What are the advice you will give future entrepreneurs in same field to establish themselves in the market?

Ms.Silky Singh: Food business is operations heavy and requires micro management . One has to be ready to do from cooking to deliveries when you decide to venture into a food start up.

Unlike a tech start up ,food businesses involves lot of running around and people management. Skilled labor is still a challenge in this country even if you pay well.

My suggestion will be to research well , keep in mind the break even point and prepare well to fund your project. Also a very important point is partnership, make sure all your terms and conditions are in place before you start investing money. Many entrepreneurs start company and run on mutual understanding & faith. This mostly turns out to be fatal. So everything on paper.

In short, just be prepared to dirty your hands and have fun !

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