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Interview with Mr. Dhruvkant Amin, Founder and Designer of Tectona Grandis Furniture

Interviewer: What is the core activity of your business?

Mr. Amin: The core activity of our business is to create 100% teak wood furniture and products to ensure a strong yet classy finish to out products. The main raw material that is teak wood is all reclaimed wood so as to ensure the eco friendliness. Even the polish that is used over the wood is eco friend product. Our products are all hand crafted.

Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea of your company?

Mr. Amin: My love for timber always attracted me. My achievements and awards that I received in 2004 by USHA LEXUS as a student of Furniture Design at NID, Ahmedabad and in 2005 Of ELLE DECORE as a young professional always lingered in my mind and helped me fulfill my dream and transform my creativity and passion into reality by coming up with TECTONA GRANDIS FURNITURE.

The idea to have a furniture brand of our own did not seem viable as the market was yet not ready for a furniture designer segment or furniture consultant in the year 2006 in Ahmedabad. Opportunity struck when IIT, Gandhinagar was in need of furniture for their institute in the year 2013. A setup was created to fulfill their demand and the rest followed. TECTONA GRANDIS FURNITURE was formed in 2014 February, when our next big and prestigious project commenced.

Ahmedabad’s historic building was being revamped which was founded by Mahatma Gandhi, “The Navjivan Trust. “ It is a publishing house of great repute having to its credit publication of more than 800 titles in English, Gujarati, Hindi & other languages. The idea was to retain the essence and heritage that was associated with the Navjivan Trust and Tectona Grandis Furniture was successful in maintaining the heritage of Ahmedabad by designing furniture for its display and cafe. The chairs designed by us for the Karma café has also been named after the café. Its called the Karma Chair. It is one of our most successful products, a sleek and beautiful wooden stackable chair. More than 200 pieces of Karma chair have been sold till date.

Interviewer: What is your inspiration to generate new ideas?

Mr. Amin: The inspiration to generate new ideas comes from keeping the root of furniture designing in mind, which are: simplicity in design, strength and ergonomics along with contemporary market trends.

Interviewer: What has been your greatest entrepreneurial achievement?

Mr. Amin: Having been Part of IIT, Gandhinagar and Navjivan Trust are few of our greatest entrepreneurial achievement along with several individual satisfied clients.

Interviewer: How do you deal with failures and challenges in your business?

Mr. Amin: Failures and challenges are part of learning process and without them the progress remains incomplete, which is why we rightly believe in what Colin Powell said: “There are no secrets to success; it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Interviewer: What mindset one should have to help the company achieve huge heights?

Mr. Amin: A positive drive along with building people is the way that leads you to achieve huge heights, because in return the people build your company.

Interviewer: What are some of your habits which helped you become a successful entrepreneur?

Mr. Amin: The three habits that I have, which has helped me become successful entrepreneur are

  • Quality must be the first priority.

  • Always make targets that can push you forwards.

  • Being persistent.

Interviewer: What would you advise budding entrepreneurs or the students who want to become an entrepreneur?

Mr. Amin: The advice I have for budding entrepreneur or students are HARDWORK and setting GOALS. Goals always keep one focused and motivated.

Interviewer: Define your life as an entrepreneur in one word.

Mr. Amin: Persistent.

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