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Use SMB Kart to digitalize your small, medium & home based business!

SMB Kart is a start-up in the SaaS and E-commerce category of business industries. It is founded by Konda Reddy K and Hari PK in the year 2021, in June. The start-up is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The company is witnessing an ever increasing demand in the market within a few months of its launch.

SMB Kart is a start-up that is strong in technology and marketing. The brand is officially a less than a year old. However, the efforts have been put into making this brand a success since a decade. They took their first step a decade ago into the digital business industry. They have empowered more than 150 brands SME’S all around the world with their in-depth experience in business, they found one common problem among all SMB’s and that is

Digital strategy and Digital Adaptation. Small and mediums businesses and start-ups have their business game in the right place and know how to function, scale it traditionally and do all this majorly on an offline basis. The problem lies in the fact that these businesses are more conservative and they find it difficult to open up to the global digital advancements. They feel that it costs them both time and a lot of money. But when the pandemic hit, the small businesses were left feeling helpless because there seemed a huge pragmatic shift with the consumer purchase patterns and how the whole of the business world shifted to a digital platform.

The pandemic forced businesses, big or small, were forced to adopt “Digital First Strategy”. This shift was comparatively an easy shift for big firms and organizations because they had the right funding and resources to adapt to it quickly. But for small businesses, it was an alien method because of their limited knowledge of the digital, lack of technical knowledge, no funding, and no resource to help them face the situation at ease. This is where SMB Kart came into the action. In order to progress and name Digital Transformation easier, this start-up built a simple, yet a powerful tech platform. SMB Kartis a platform that helps small as well as medium businesses to adapt to the Digital First Strategy, costing them almost no time and helps scale their business in an effective and efficient manner.

SMB Kart is a SaaS based small fee subscription platform that helps small as well as medium business owners launch their online store in as less as 30 minutes, with zero knowledge of the technical field. They also help them in taking orders and make their business a large scale affair.

The aim of this start-up is to digitally transform small and medium business across the globe. They work completely for the benefit of such businesses that do not have the strength of fighting the digital race on their own. They help others to shatter technology products via their platform as a ground and enable them to grow exponentially.

“Features that helps online stores stand out “ The start-up offers its users a lot of features depending on the plans the users select. The product features include E-com store on their brand name, Attractive UI Template, whatsapp integration, Toggle between B2B/B2C, Unlimited server, Free SSL, Blog, In built SEO, Single and variant pricing, One click Payment Gateway Integration, Easy shipment integration, Invoice & Detailed analytics to track company performance, among many others

Easy launch of a store within as less as 30 minutes, the ability to take orders from the customers right from the day of the launch of the store are the key highlights

They also have a lot of features that they include while building a business’s store. A detailed description about the company, the partners of that company, clients they are connected to, testimonial, etc. are some major features which help in winning a customer’s trust because they help the company to be as transparent as possible. they also provide with features such as product page for the direct buying of a customer, the “contact us” option so that the customers can be in touch with the company for better communication, detailed product list for product description and pages that list the products. There is also a service page that is made available for a closer contact of the buyer with the seller.

The same is done keeping in mind the controller of the online shop. There comes an admin functionality that includes dashboard, analytics, order list, settings to define and describe categories, editable panels, bulk uploads, list product option, etc. among other features. The website of this company is made very user-friendly. The website has further detailed descriptions packages and their prices and features. There seems to be 5 different packages to suit every client’s needs. There also seems to be a step by step process explained on how to hire a resource partner. One can ever partner with SMB Kart, either for reseller or for becoming a resource partner.

SMB Kart is a start-up that was developed with the sole intention of helping the small, medium & home based business’s in these tough times In times when businesses are busy capitalising needs, these companies need to be highlighted for helping out the needy!

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