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Great Companies
Most promising SMEs to watch for 2022

Become a part of the collection of pre-eminent companies that will thrive in 2022 with their fast growth and development

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What is Great Companies - most promising SMEs to watch for 2022?


Introducing and honoring the upcoming great SMEs

Taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020-2021 has been an incredibly tough year for many businesses. But many have adapted their business to survive or even flourish during this crisis. Our Initiative involves recognizing those companies and helping them grow more by listing them in the Great Companies – Most promising SMEs to watch for 2022.

Your company will be featured in a directory of top SMEs. It is a collection of pre-eminent companies that are growing rapidly and are sure to boom in 2022. Our goal is just to encourage them to keep up the good work.

We want to honor those organizations that have not only survived this crisis, but have adapted, innovated, and are continuing to move forward.

Benefits of being listed

  • It will promote your brand image and values

  • Strengthen and Improve your brand’s relationship with the community

  • Foster long-term customer relationships

  • Build trust and credibility that has a longer shelf life

List your company in Great Companies To Watch Out For in 2022 if you are actively adapting, innovating, and progressing.

Company Listing Fee : Rs 2400 / USD $ 42

What you get

Listing of all Companies

Personalized Page and e-Certificate

E-Certificate and badge 

Get International recognition

Be recognized as one of the best businesses and gain the credibility to unlock new opportunities

Enhance your brand’s credibility

Deliver your brand’s essence to your customers in the targeted market

Attract new business or talent

Getting nominated can help you position yourself as an expert &  hence attract more ideal clients & employees

Emotionally engage prospects

Motivate potential buyers to use your product or services by connecting with them on a deeper level.

Social media marketing

Our social media team will spread your company’s brand across all social media channels at all times

Build trust and loyalty

Enhance existing customer loyalty and attract new ones by building trust

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