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It is almost 2022, still stuck in spreadsheets and inflexible software. You need nothing more than Bangalore based start up TrackNerd. It is a mind blowing fleet management software that enables companies to operate daily tasks in a way more modern, reliable and easy instead of suffocating oneself in the spreadsheet and inflexible software.

TrackNerd is one of the rapidly growing IT- based Fleet Management companies in India started with a vision to bridge the gap between the fleet and their owners.

Founded in 2018 by Amritanshu Kumar and Ankur Agarwal, they design and provide smart solutions to ensure the complete control of your fleet and secure your happy and stress free mind, to turn their vision into reality, they have built their products in a user-friendly manner. They are here to understand the problems you face as a fleet owner and cater to your needs in the best and most friendly way.

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people!” TrackNerd.

What They Do?

Manage Your Fleet: Get the wide and focused view of a widely spread fleet and manage them comfortably and easily from one place. It helps the owner to take the important decisions.

Prevent Fuel Theft: They keep you notified on every fuel transaction in your fleet and get alerts incase of suspicious activity which may lead to fuel theft/wastage.

They keep a track of every refueling and drainage activity to use the resources effectively and efficiently.

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling: Proactive data based approach for vehicle maintenance helping in reducing operational losses.

Cost Analysis: Periodic expense analysis showing PnL of each vehicle covering fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, toll expenses and breakdown expenses.

Why You Should Choose Them?

Accuracy: They guarantee 99.2% accuracy with our solutions.

Reliability: They provide a 30-days money back policy if our solutions don’t meet the expectations of their customers.

Assured Payback Period: Assured pay back period ranging from 30-90 days based on the industry served.

Analytics: Actionable data with analysis that helps business owners make right decisions.

Easy to use Platform: A simple platform that can be understood by even non-tech savvy people.

Their vision is to connect you with your assets to measure, analyze and optimize the access anywhere and anytime which will help you to work smarter, easily and enriches complete control of your company’s management by also supporting your well-being. Their only approach is to solve a problem by understanding it from each prospective because knowing is half the work done. They value what customers care about and ensure to do what’s best for their growth. Their only mission is to suggest people the best work by providing solutions and services that help them attain healthy and safe business decisions both locally and solely.

About the Founders:

Amritanshu is a modern deep processed thinker who is very fond of analyzing things. He likes taking a different approach to disclose situations in a better way. After his 7 years of experience in the field of financial analytics, he had an urge strongly inclined towards technology and things it could offer society.

Ankur is a snoopy learner, he likes to read, explore new ideas and possibilities. He has experience in making strong teams during his engagements in working with online or telecom Businesses. He has also helped to scale India’s first women wellness brand “Pee Safe” from its early days as a member of the core team.

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