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The heart and soul for your success-ROOHI

Run by hoteliers for hoteliers……

The hotel industry is one of the world's fastest-growing industries, and it is both a vital and indispensable part of the hospitality industry.

“True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself for your guests”

Every organization tries to rely on this quote and provide the greatest service to their customers. However, the majority of them fall short in terms of comfort, care, trust, or hygiene. Human nature, on the other hand, is to always desire the best. When it comes to receiving the greatest service, they never give up. We often need to go to numerous areas and utilize several hotels as people working for firms with many branches, and these hotels that are less than 5 stars typically lack in one or more aspects. That's where hospitality companies come in, and Roohi, the hospitality group is the finest in the business at gaining clients' trust.

Rahul Verma, CEO, and founder of ROOHI established his brainchild in October 2016. He founded this business after 15 years of experience in the industry. All of his business and travel experience went into the creation of ROOHI, and he plans to use his industry connections to propel it to the top. ROOHI hotel marketing and consultancy is an innovative organization that provides independent, privately owned, and chain hotels, palaces, resorts, and destinations with a full spectrum of marketing services, sales representation, and consulting solutions

Pallavi Verma is Rahul's right-hand woman in this wonderful project, ROOHI. She has extensive and varied expertise in the hospitality business, the aviation industry, and corporate public relations, and general management. Pallavi had worked as an administrator before working with Rahul to build ROOHI.

“The soul! an essence of life where the purest and the most memorable instinct lie”

In relation to this quote, the company's name is Roohi, which denotes a pure and genuine corporation that is trustworthy and provides the greatest service to its consumers. The word ROOHI represents “revenue optimization opportunity for the hospitality industry”. ROOHI is unique in how it serves its clients, how it manages things, how it works with a team, how it deals with properties, and how it achieves the greatest outcomes for your success, and it describes why you may pick ROOHI with confidence.

"Better to be safe than sorry," says the founder of ROOHI, Rahul Verma

They work methodically. They aim to grasp the whole context of the marketing and sales problem, devise a solution, and develop a personalized strategy. They apply the answer and revolutionize your business with their incredible daring, resourcefulness, and perseverance.

Independent hotels and creative accommodation concepts, they believe, have a strategic edge over chain franchise branded hotels. A hotel with a distinct personality and a distinct customer experience can exploit a marketplace driven by online reputation and guest reviews to attain global reach and exposure.

They offer individualized hotel management and marketing services that are geared to the specific needs of each resort. The Roohi Group has offices in Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat, Kolkatta, Delhi, and Bangkok, and they support their client portfolio across the Indian subcontinent. They are also planning to expand to Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, and Dubai shortly.

Service they provide

The major service they give is hotel management and franchise. In terms of management, ROOHI has a proven track record of working with top-tier 5-star hotels. They have extensive experience dealing with the most prestigious hotel brands and other ownership groups around the United States. Their Hotel Management & Franchise team has 15-20 decades of experience in five-star hotel management services, which has helped them deliver success to their international clients.

Another service they provide is hotel marketing and sales representation. They enable independent owners and operators to compete with national and international chains. They offer services to meet individual brand needs to increase financial return, including the option to completely outsource their sales and marketing function or to act as an extension to a hotel's in-house sales team to increase SALES from the Mumbai and Pune markets, which account for approximately 12 – 17 percent of all hotel and resort sales in the country.

Another service they offer is hotel consultancy.

“We create sustainable and valuable solutions”-says the ROOHI group

ROOHI Consulting Services is for hotel owners who want to be in charge of their property and who want an expert to help them overcome any difficulties that are preventing them from attaining optimum profitability. It's vital to have another pair of experienced eyes analyzing and advising your operational and sales efforts, given the many factors and intricacies that go into making your hotel go forward appropriately every day.

Another service they offer is talent acquisition.

“We take care of what takes care of your business,” says the motto of the talent acquisition team.

The team is the heart and soul of ROOHI's success; they create the ideal team for your hotel since the team will have a significant impact on your total performance and reputation. They are involved with all aspects of your property's operations, from profit-making to providing hospitality to your visitors. ROOHI's Talent Acquisition professionals are continuously on the lookout for the appropriate people with relevant experience in the hospitality sector.

The last and the most important service they offer is the property acquisition service. In the hospitality industry, ROOHI is an expert at dealing with properties at the correct price for clients. Their Property Acquisition Team operates in a pragmatic and aligned manner, based on their clients' best interests. ROOHI works on hotel mandates for investors and hotel owners all around the world. They also lend support to the hotel group's expansion plans.

Independent hotels need the necessary tools and support to become market leaders in today's highly dynamic and continuously expanding market, and ROOHI does that brilliantly.

Their team of specialists raises REVPAR and GOPPAR for our hotel clients using proven best practices and innovative techniques.

CALL ROOHI TODAY, before it's too late!”



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