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Shivang Desai, CEO at Bigthinx

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Shivang Desai : E-commerce returns cost only the US economy $428 Billion in lost sales in 2020. Globally, this loss is worth over a trillion dollars annually. 30%-50% on average of all apparel items bought online are returned which end up going to discount stores or are destroyed. This has a huge impact on the environment.

My cofounder, Chandralika, and I both realized just how much wastage and losses businesses were incurring because people like us couldn’t decide what clothing would work best for us to purchase. We ourselves returned a lot of products we bought online because the information conveyed to us was either incorrect or inaccurate.

This set the stage for our entry into the fashion industry and we sought to invent ways of tackling these problems we faced ourselves, and millions of other shoppers face every day when shopping online.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Bigthinx

Shivang Desai : Bigthinx's LYFSIZE AI software carries out a 3D body scan using only two photos from a smartphone and calculates 44 precise body measurements and body composition ratios with over 98% accuracy. These measurements replace the need to visit a tailor to get measured in person for made-to-measure clothing. They also enable us to match any shopper to their size in any clothing brand, anywhere in the world.

Bigthinx’s LYFLIKE software goes a few steps further and uses a selfie of one’s face in addition to the body pictures to create a lifelike 3D virtual avatar that looks and measures exactly like the user. LYFLIKE also uses an automated AI based fashion digitalization pipeline which automatically recreates 3D digital clothing from normal photos to show how it would look, fit and drape as if in reality.

In addition, our other services include digital showrooms and fashion shows for retail, as well as body scanning and fitness tracking for wellness.

Bigthinx's products are used by the world's largest retailers as well as by independent designers and fashion brands alike to increase business productivity.

Our software has driven the following business benefits for our customers across the globe:

● 70% reduction in e-commerce returns

● 20% average increase in order values

● 250% greater sales conversions

● Increased engagement and brand loyalty

Great Companies: What makes Bigthinx different from hundreds of other fashion-tech companies?

Shivang Desai : There are two big differentiators - our technology and our product suite. Our technology is faster, cheaper and more precise than comparable solutions in the market. Furthermore, a full service prod