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PARTNER DEVELOPER - Mohali’s App and Game Developer


“We’ll take care of all your technology challenges” – a promise which soothes most of our hearts, as managing the tech or digital part of any business is quite a task. Hence, they say that they are your ‘technology partners’. Let’s have a look what this startup can offer us.

This tech startup, called ChicMic, was not said to be discovered, but born, brought up and nurtured. It was the year 2012, when ChicMic saw the light of the day, born through the minds of two techies – Manish Gulati and Priti Mittal, in Punjab’s popular commercial hub i.e., Mohali.

ChicMic, as written in big and bold in their official website, is an outsourcing partner in the field of app and game development. The team has developed more than a thousand apps, serving more than 500 clients.

Today this company has a good hold of the mobile app, game and web app development services in the market, with a well experienced team of more than 100 developers and designers and managers.


Here are the four main services that are offered:

Mobile App Development the well experienced and well equipped ChicMic team can develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android systems. ChicMic can work on various advanced and trending technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Cryptocurrency etc. and develop apps for these services. The team is also well-versed in different programming languages like Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C, Java, React Native, NativeScript, etc. as well as the latest strategies in mobile application development.

Game DevelopmentChicMic is said to be an expert in this arena of creating next-level user experience in gaming. User experience is the primary focus of the company while working on game development, but this primary focus also comes bundled with good creativity, skill, imagination and technology. ChicMic has developed games for the web, iOS, Android and PC cutting across genres like including casual/ hyper-casual games, card games, board games, arcade games, strategy games and VR games.

Web Development ChicMic has been providing high quality web developing services to businesses from various fields. Keeping in mind that having a website is a mandatory pre-requisite for today’s growing business, ChicMic has put in a lot of effort in this area of work. The team is expert at using new technologies to customize everything from front-end to expert back-end programming that results in a highly dynamic, fully functional and interactive web solution.

Design Services ChicMic has got an award-winning Design team that excels in UI/UX for mobile apps and web apps that can help businesses to convert their visitors to loyal customers. Game graphics design is another area where ChicMic excels in with both 2D and 3D graphics design and animation.


Its not easy to be in business in an ever-growing industry of app and game development. You need to stand unique; you need to prove why you are different from others and what additional value you can offer to the client. Sometimes, for companies, it’s the best price they offer, sometimes it’s the best after sales service etc.

Here in ChicMic, what they have highlighted for their clients to see themselves is the process in which they work. The process of working of a company speaks a lot about its hard work and the probable result it will give. And if the process is honestly shared with the clients, the company adds another layer of trust and transparency to their business.

For ChicMic their process is broken down in 6 parts – Ideation, Conceptualization, Plan & Strategize, Development Cycle, Launch, Iterations.

Ideation is the part where the credibility and validity of the client’s idea is measured. In Conceptualization, the team of ChicMic analyze, refine & elaborate the concept or the idea. Now, to Plan & Strategize, the important things to be done are project decomposition, resource allocation, project schedule and budget, and then all these aspects are studied, and a detailed strategized plan is laid in front of the client.

Development Cycle is the part where the project managers include the team of design and development teams to move further with the project. Launch is done ChicMic by providing the best possible platforms for the app developed. Iterations is actually the work done by the team after the feedback from users start pouring in, and based on those feedbacks the required changes are brought in for the app.


It’s been almost 10 years in business. And finding your way through and surviving this cut throat competition in this capitalist world of businesses, where almost every day a new startup is being born to add to the existing competition. But ChicMic, because of the kind of expertise it had, was able to cut through all competition excel.

Today ChicMic has earned excellence in the field of developing all types of mobile and web apps in all genres such as Business, Social Networking, Logistics, Finance, Education, Lifestyle, Healthcare, E-commerce, Travel, Utility, Sports, Health & Fitness etc. for clients ranging from small startup companies to big industry giants including Fortune 500 companies.

ChicMic has developed games for all genres including Arcade, Puzzle, Strategy, Action, Racing, Board, Card, Casino, Sports, Trivia, Casual, Hyper Casual, etc.



Carl Fielder
Carl Fielder
May 15

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Freelancer Work
Freelancer Work
Nov 11, 2023

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Morgan Cooper
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