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Muthirai: The Best Trademark Company in Chennai

Muthirai is the best for providing copyright, patent, logo, trademark, and brand design registration services in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

It is India’s one of the leading IPR firms and trusted trademark registration consultancy. Their goodwill is through the reviews of their happy customers.

They have more than 6000+ trademarks registered and surely the happy clients are their asset. They have more than 19 years of experience in this field. A trademark distinguishes one person's goods or services from those of others and includes the shape of the goods, their packaging, and a colour combination.

Muthirai Trademark Consultancy is ready to affirm the ethical values of creative thinking necessary for business identity and boldly advocates for the protection of all your company's copyright laws.

Muthirai is a Tamil word that means identity, legal seal, registration, stamping, and so on.

A trademark protects your brand and gives you the tools you need to prevent someone from riding on the back of your company. A registered trademark can be an asset for your business. These assets continue to grow in value over time. The value of your trademarks increases automatically as your company grows.

A trademark registration establishes ownership of a brand, name, or logo. It safeguards your brand against unauthorized user use. The registered trademark establishes that the product is entirely yours, and you have the sole right to use, sell, and modify the brand or goods in any way you see fit.

They help you with brand name selection, trademark availability searches, class suggestions, supporting document preparation, and trademark filing. They have associates worldwide, USA, Canada, Australia, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and many others.

Muthirai makes your trademark registration procedure simple with their Trademark Registration Consultants who have more than two decades of experience in trademark availability search, trademark filing, trademark examination, and reply to examination, re-examination, and hearing. It does not end with just filling out the trademark, but rather begins here, as they take responsibility to monitor and take actions for all stages of the trademark registration process until your trademark is registered.

It happens in the respective order; Trademark Search, POA Signing, Payment, Draft Approval, Filling Document, TM allotted/ application number, Examination Report, Journal Publication, Registered.

Trademark registration is an unavoidable requirement in all commercial enterprises. A trademark can be a name, a word, a phrase, a logo, a symbol, a design, an image, or a combination of these elements. A registered trademark is the sole property of the trademark's owner. In India, trademark rules and laws are in place to protect trademarks. Muthirai is a Chennai-based trademark registration firm. Muthirai provides comprehensive trademark solutions in Chennai and all over the world. Muthirai has been in the trademark registration business since 2003 and is one of the most dependable trademark registration firms in Chennai.

Along with trademark registration services, they also handle all aspects of company formation. Their entire team of professionals, all of whom have extensive experience in the field, are very clear about their objectives. They refer to the nature of their work as a service.

The phrase "Trademark Registration Services" is very appropriate. Their intellectual property experts make the process of registering a trademark easier.

With their trademark experts, you can protect your brand name, logo, slogan, and brand design.

The Intellectual Property Services that they offer are:

  1. TM Registration

  2. Trademark Renewal

  3. Trademark Opposition

  4. Trademark Objection

  5. Trademark Hearing

  6. Legal Certificate

  7. Copyright

  8. Trademark Infringement

  9. Trademark Cost in India

  10. International Trademark

  11. FSSAI

  12. ISO

  13. Company Registration

  14. Domain Registration

Failure to research a brand before adopting it can result in a denial of registration by IP India or, worse, a cease-and-desist letter from another brand owner. Spending money and energy upfront to determine whether a brand is available will help avoid the extremely high costs of a dispute or lawsuit. So, if you want to secure your brand name, no need to look further. Choose the right brand name within 24 hours with Vijay’s MuthiRai Trademark Registration.



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