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LVI Attorneys LLP, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2020

Name of Company: LVI Attorneys LLP

Founder Name: Arun V S

Can you provide us with a description of your business? What was the purpose of starting this business? What issue did it want to solve?

LVI Attorneys LlP is a boutique law firm with a Moto of 'Detailing Law to the Society'. Established in the year 2015 as a partnership firm by two close friends, both lawyers in the name and style of Legal Vision India. One of the partners brought in corporate experience as he brought with him an exclusive experience in Banking and Finance Sector while working with a Scheduled Commercial Bank, in Delhi. Other parson with his in depth knowledge of basic laws brought in the best of litigation to the Firm. In the year 2019 the Partnership was converted to a LLP and became LVI Attorneys LLP. The Firm specialises in the field of Corporate Laws, Due Diligence, Litigation, banking and Finance, etc. with which it is now catering clients across the state and country at their doorstep reasonably as otherwise the Corporates were spending a lion share on such expenses, where LVI Attorneys LLP brought the skillset and reduced their expenses to 20 to 30% of whet they were spending previously. As the Moto the Firm and its members wanted to Detail Law to the society and to make the best available to all.

How is it different from other competitors?

No one can be a jack of all trades but we are working in close co-ordination with Law firms from the area and around the country even abroad so that the Clients may benefit and get the best solution to their query or resolution to their dispute. The links and the ways to get the work done or commitments fulfilled is what makes LVI Attorneys LLP different from others. The team at LVI Attorneys LLP is young and dynamic where all and every person gets opportunity to show what they are capable off. The young law graduates are given opportunities with the support of the mentors to become the budding lawyers that they dream to become with best of the exposure in all the fields of business and Law.

What and how are the challenges so far? How did you overcome them?

What I feel the major issue for me is that managing the corporate and litigation departments toe-to-toe. You have give up on rest, as it becomes a continuous on going process to manage family and business together especially when you have a daughter who is just entering teenage. Living up to her expectations, giving her time when she needs me, most importantly realising by myself when she needs me, happens only when you can clear the clouds of that constant business pressure by proper management and efficient team. it becomes difficult being in meetings, sitting across a party or with a client who is not dealing in good faith and then making a decision as to which side you want to pick up and fight in that Hon’ble Court which is meant for true justice is a task to get over and here your experience and ethics come in play. These issues and drawbacks what we experience should be lessons to deal with similar situations.


Year of Founding: 2015



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