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JM: The Design Consultant Firm

Design consultants propose concepts for creating a space or product that combines form, functionality, and aesthetics. They work in the fields of interior design, graphic design, and fashion design.

Consultants in construction projects can assist you in avoiding delays and lapses, achieving operational goals, increasing the ROI of your building, and making the construction process more efficient overall.

Mr. Jenis Makwana, the proprietor of JM: The Design Consultant Firm, has more than 22 years of experience in the business field of Architecture Façade Design, Interior Design, Retail Design, Brand Design, Product Design, Stall Design and Specialty Design.

He has worked in a variety of sectors or industries, working closely with each of them, beginning with Aviation, Fashion, Retail, Real Estate, Health Care, Energy, Hospitality, F & B, Financial Services, and so on.

They have in total six different categories of services:

The first category is Interior Design. In this they offer residential, commercial, hospitality, specialty, space styling, material sourcing, sample apartment, space activation design.

The second one is Retail Design, it consists of everything related to retail designing like retail space, window display, wall display, visual merchandising, space styling, material sourcing,

Product sourcing and space integration. Then there is brand designing- 360-degree campaigns and integrated marketing, brand strategy, corporate branding, corporate communications, web, content development, technical strategy, and production.

Product design. Interior, marketing, special, web, wall art installation and product integration.

And the last two are stall design and exterior design, for these two also, they provide various services. Designers can maximise storage, closets, kitchens, and bathrooms, and they have manufacturers, lighting, furniture, flooring, and fabrics that you do not. These manufacturers only sell to ""the trade," so you won't be able to purchase them unless you work with a professional. These products have far superior quality and visual appeal than anything else on the market.


A professional is trained in space planning, colour theory, and how to make a space both functional and beautiful for your lifestyle. A qualified NCIDQ designer who is also a member of IIDA is highly regarded. They graduated from a four-year college with a bachelor's degree in architectural interior design.


Many of them work for architectural design firms or run their own businesses. A decorator is not the same as a designer. A decorator does not have a degree or training in any of the above fields. They have worked with different companies like K.Raheja Constructions, Nando’s, Patel Realty, Kaysons, T24 Residency.

He is one of the very few in the world, providing Research Driven 360 degree Design Solutions for your projects. He is also one of the very few who can back his own claim of making clients get better ROI with his Research Driven Design Solutions.

Contacting a design consultant is a good idea even if it’s for your workplace, as they help to upgrade the place within the limited space only.

1 comment

1 Comment

Janet Locane
Janet Locane
Oct 16, 2022

Expert advice is very important, especially in the field of interior design or landscape design. When I began to create my own room in a new house, I thought that I could do everything by myself. But something went wrong. I was advised to contact Antonovich Design as my sketches were terrible. They helped me choose the color scheme and it significantly enlarged my apartment visually. I wouldn't have come up with that idea.

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