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D R Sree Latha Vasisht, Chairperson at Aadhya Airtek

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

D R Sree Latha Vasisht: Our story goes back to 2011 when me and my better half started a tiny venture in the HVAC industry. Initially, we began with servicing of domestic air-conditioners. Gradually, we forayed into industrial HVAC projects. In 2017, we were approached by one of our acquaintances regarding HVLS FANS. The first impression was that they were highly expensive for the Indian market. However, we took a chance and began our research about these fans as its newness caught our attention. Secondly, our love for travel took us to Singapore where we encountered these huge lovely fans and our research doubled. Subsequently, one of our clients was looking for HVLS Fans. And, we had no other option but to begin as dealers of another company to provide our client what they were looking for.

We were on a marketing spree and during our visits to various industries, prospective clients whom we approached threw light on the cost as well as the weight of the fans and opined that these fans were not feasible for MSMEs for their roof structures were not capable enough of holding these heavyweight fans firstly and secondly they were really expensive. That was the dawn of realization and it proved to be a beacon of light and hope.

We decided that we would come up with less weight, less cost HVLS Fans especially for the MSME sector and Aadhya Airtek was born after almost two and a half years of R&D. The first fan was the result of improvising on 7 iterations and finally the 8th one proved to be successful.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Aadhya Airtek?

D R Sree Latha Vasisht: We are into manufacturing and selling of HVLS Fans both geared as well as gearless. We manufacture fans ranging from 8ft to 24ft for industrial and commercial purposes which can be adopted by assembly lines, convention centers, auditoriums, religious prayer halls, malls, stadiums, movie halls, animal barns, airports, bus and railway stations, automobile workshops etc.

Great Companies: What makes Aadhya Airtek different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

D R Sree Latha Vasisht: Our Logo says it all – It says, Aadhya Airtek, THE CUSTOMER’S COMPANY. We are a company who came into existence to provide what our clients needed – A top-notch product to fit into every industrial pocket. We are known for our Build to Order approach focusing on customization and personalization to ensure customer satisfaction. We keep telling our clients that our relationship doesn’t end once we deliver their requirement.

In fact, our relationship begins from thereon. Our USP is our Convenience of Service. We provide our services as per our client’s convenience.

We are also happy to mention that our design is held in high estimation and high appreciation in the industry. Apart from these,

a. AADHYA is the first mover in Karnataka with respect to manufacturing the quickly adopted HVLS Fans –widely known for low power consumption and providing better comfort at workplaces

b. Less Weight, Less Cost, Less Energy Consumption, Less Noise, More Safety, Comfortable Work Environment are the hallmarks of AADHYA HVLS Fans

c. AADHYA embraces empathic design for enhanced user experience

d. AADHYA is completely indigenous and endorses the VOCAL FOR LOCAL initiative

e. AADHYA is an ISO 9001-2015 and a CE certified company