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CEOITBOX, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2020

Name of Company: CEOITBOX

Founder Name: SanjeevJain

Can you provide us with a description of your business? What was the purpose of starting this business? What issue did it want to solve?

Our mission is to coach Indian Entrepreneurs on using cutting edge Technology to help them build Global Indian brands to make India proud! Despite powering top business generating billions like Sunder Pichai (Google), Satya Nadela (Microsoft) etc Indians have failed to build Global Brands from India. This is due to lack of knowledge on Technology Required to run a business as our formal education system fails to provide even the most basic of skills that are required for business success.

I help entrepreneurs to completely automate even the most complex of businesses and run them from just a smartphone using cutting edge open source Technology.

How is it different from other competitors?

Our content and delivery method is totally unique, we have trouble finding competition !
Most of the coaches have no practical business experience. I myself am a serial entrepreneur. This is my third venture where I am coaching entrepreneurs. My first business is one of the largest companies in the world manufacturing & exporting fragrance products. My second business (Technology Never Sleeps) has over 200 employees who setup critical IT infrastructure like Railways Network, Airport Network, Networks & Data Centers for top PSU's and large companies like Honda, Mitsubishi, L&T etc. Combined group turnover is more than 600 cr.

What and how are the challenges so far? How did you overcome them?

Main challenge is getting the trainings implemented by entrepreneurs. We have developed a unique model where we provide extensive support for 6 months and trained manpower. For more details please see

Year of Founding: 2007

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