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Out of the 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India, only 14% are women. Only 2% of start-up funding went to a woman founder.  Women entrepreneurs in India either lack social acceptance or struggle for funds for their business ventures.
Great Companies and Sewak Jatha Dadar wish to empower, celebrate, inspire and support these women Entrepreneurs.This
Women's Day (8th March 2020), we are taking a small step to reward and recognize Women Entrepreneurs for their achievements to the core.
This year we are globally celebrating the 551st birth anniversary of
Guru Nanak Sahib Ji whose teachings are Universal in nature and touch the needs of humanity as such. Talking about womenfolk, he has been very vocal that they should be treated EQUALLY in ALL walks of life.

We often quote him - "So kyon mandaa aakhiye jitt jamme raajaan"
Meaning - "Why do we demean her, great Kings too are born from a woman".

Guru Nanak Sahib Ji Women Entrepreneurs' Award 2020  

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