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Zavvy Solutions - Great Small Companies To Watch Out For in 2021

Company Name : Zavvy Solutions

Founders Name: Dashmeet Kaur

Company Detail : Zavvy Solutions provide all Technology, Innovative and Digital Consulting and Outsourcing services and solutions to the clients and organizations. Zavvy Solutions was founded in August 2019 by Dashmeet Kaur. Our endeavour is to help clients, candidates, business professionals & entrepreneurs to win in the changing world of work o

What is Zavvy Solutions?

Zavvy Solutions is a platform or rather a brand that provides a solution on the go. Zavvy Solutions works to provide and cater to the needs of individuals and organizations. This is a client and consumer-centric brand that provides solutions, products, outsourcing and consulting services in the field of Software, Digital Marketing, Innovation & Security, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, HR & Payroll Services, Infrastructure, Personalized Products & Items, Legal, Accounting and Financial Solutions.

The best part of this is, all the solutions are provided under one roof, and that is Zavvy.

Location: Chandigarh

Employee Size: 8

Business Category : IT and Software services

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Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You:

Loyalty, Trust, Visionary and Quality services we deliver. And you can get all services under one roof.



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