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Yash Savaliya- Founder of Antique Clothing

Great Companies: What kinds of garments do you produce as a clothing company?

Yash Savaliya: we are manufacturer of all type of knitted garments like T-shirt , Hoodies, Tracksuit and all.

Great Companies: What makes you competitive compared to other garment companies?

Yash Savaliya: Our low price at on time delivery its possible because of in-house production.

Great Companies: Who are your target customers?

Yash Savaliya: Biggest retail chain like D-mart , Big bazaar, Zudio.. cement industries, oil industries, marathon etc.

Great Companies: What all challenges did the company face since its inception in 2009?

Yash Savaliya: I am in this industry after my graduation completed in textile engineering since 2016.

Great Companies: What is your mission and how far has it helped your customers?

Yash Savaliya: Customer satisfaction in quality, delivery and price...only this 3 helped us to grow in this competitive market.



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