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What The COVID-19 Pandemic Taught Small Business Owners

All small businesses are responding to the impact of COVID-19 in some way. Therefore, we believe it is beneficial to connect directly with the small business community and discover the most important lessons they learned during this pandemic.'s network of contributors of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs are generously sharing their greatest lessons and lessons below, in no particular order.

You will notice that some ideas are similar, but we separate them because the way they are presented may resonate differently with you.

Digital marketing is the new future market

Self-confidence and morals are the backbone of any businessman but covid-19 situation

is washing out all these good vibes from us. A lot of stress, anxiety, non cooperation are

making a businessmen to shut down or hold their business. In this situation we need to

be stay strong mentally as well as physically and we need to be patient. The pandemic is

temporary, we have to be strong and keep ourself safe to come out of the situation. In

this lock down period we are enhancing the photography skills and technique as the

upcoming market, which is going to be fully digital. Work from home is the new way of

working so keep learning and practicing on the skills and techniques you have. We are

helping each other to grow our business.

-Amit Srivastava, CEO, Amit Srivastava Photo and Media Services.

Observe the market well

With the onset of pandemic, the market was completely down for a lot of businesses out there but I observed that the market is doing pretty well in terms of mutual funds, the inflows are more than before and this little observation helped to sail through these tough times without much of a trouble. Therefore, every business person should know how to recognize the way a market function.

-Mayur Dhoot, CEO ,MRD Investment and Financial Services

Be Affirmative

My business got completely shattered due to the advent of pandemic, there was absolutely

no work, sales went down, laborers went back to their home towns as we didn’t have

enough money to pay them, I was very disheartened but also there is no better alternative

rather than making efforts with utmost honesty and looking for better days to come. The

only piece of advice I would like to give is that, an entrepreneur should always stay positive

even in gloomiest of times because those who stays the longest, goes farthest in the race of


-Ashik Jain, CEO, Sri Jain Hardware & Ply home

Connect with people

Though a lot of businesses shattered during pandemic but the god has been kind to us, covid gave us an opportunity to connect with our customers out there with the help of media, social media platforms and all. There was a huge reduction in input expenses which earlier used to go into petrol, labour, infrastructure many among others, we could also save a lot of time. Overall, my biggest lesson has been that you must educate people about your business, connect with audience and wait to watch wonders happen.

-Abhay Shaha, CEO, Abhay Shaha & Associates


If you want to cater well to your business you must understand the importance of learning new things. It is certainly a privilege to educate people even in the most minimalistic ways. Every flamboyant business needs new strategies time and again. The pandemic paved the way for that time to seep in. Those who realised it and utilized their time are the ones benefiting manifold today. Bad times come and go, but the essence of why and how a business is to be done should not be forgotten.

-Vivek Hakim, Owner, Yashashvi Technoprint

Be prepared for anything

Bank consultancy is a kind of business where if the market has inflow of money, the clients

have money and ultimately you get to earn money but unfortunately in the midst of the

pandemic the market was very down, the inflow of cash was low, neither the clients made

gains nor us. Covid taught me the lesson that you should always keep your seat belt tight

and be ready to face any challenge life may throws on you.

-Manish Trivedi, CEO , V.N Trivedi & Co.


We have seen that social media has become more of norm these days. We have also witnessed positive messages from the customers themselves. We have a primary school for children. Teaching online did not seem possible. But as they say, where there is a will there& is a way! Online classes are now quite successful and students are now becoming used to it. It is a new initiative but full of challenges. But every new adventure unravels within obstacles.

-Ramesh P., Owner, Bhima Catering

Emphasize on quality

During pandemic we improved the efficiency of our work due to the more availability of time

as the entire team was working from home and this saved us all the extra hours that used to

go into vain because of traffic or travelling between work and office, this improved efficiency, enhanced the quality of work and now we are key performers in our sectors. We

have made more contacts than ever before and input cost has been reduced drastically.

-Rajesh Khanna, CEO,The Computer Consultants


Time is money. Never waste your time when the stakes are high. Everyday, companies had to put themselves in the proper position. Maintain close contacts. We maintained close contacts with our customers. This covid 19 has taught us that no one should take a crisis lightly. Have communities for your back up if needed. Most importantly, be patient as bad times always pass. Go digital. Make your own website and design personal apps for better user experience.

-Vinay Jaju, Associate Regional Director, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance


Every business out there is dealing with the impact of COVID-19 in some or the other

way so it has become a necessity, especially for small businesses to have their own

platform. I am already working in BNI which is a big firm and have tie-ups with some

online as well as offline platform. Gyms are one of the business that are closed and is

hit by the COVID-19 so really bad. Most of the businesses are happening all around

even in a limited scale but we are still at a lay-low situation.

-Pranav Manhas, Business Coach and Sole-Proprietor, Beast Muscle Gym

Self-believe is the key

I don’t think any other sector would have been as severely hit by corona as the tourism

sector, the pandemic proved to be a nightmare for all of us. All hotels were closed due to the restrictions imposed, there was no business, no work at all. Earnings have been zero amid these times and the situation also does not seem to get better any time soon but I firmly believe that once things get back to the pre-corona times, I will able to cover all the losses.

-Vaibhav Khandelwal, CEO, Bliss holidays


There is always a solution to be found. You just need to keep looking for it. You should have the ability to pivot and find an alternate to any given circumstance. Our company suffered from losses too, but we did what best could have been done. As soon as the market reopened , the business came back on track. You should always have good contacts. Without the help of the foundation and individual donors, the company would not have been able to stand on its feet again. We had cultivated these relationships over the last couple of years and the reward came back. When it mattered the most these supporters asked us what we needed . Now we are stronger than before.

- Nabeel Neliyathodi, Chairman, Frametech Steel Structures PVT LTD


We get so engrossed in doing our business that we forget the fact that business is meant for people. Everything we do is ultimately to make our lives better. The pandemic taught us that no matter what the situation is, be it business or life, standing strong and having the backs for each other is the best way to deal with it. Whether in a business or at a more personal level, helping each other survive worked best for us. We are all in the same boat after all.

-Yogesh Vinayaga, MD, Sri Vinayaga Agencies


These times were tough. The biggest lesson is that we are not going back now. What we need to find are ways to continue this way. Hitting a pause can be a huge mistake. As a photographer I experimented a bit with my skills . I tried new things which Is something I never thought I would do. You should save as much as you can. We are moving towards a more digital world . A world formed through innovation and empathy and understanding of the people we work with. Do not stop but keep moving further.

-Vivek Samaiya, Owner, Vivek Samaiya Photography


As a business person one should always keep in mind that any alternate situation can befall upon us at any time. As a business, the best way to deal with tough times is to keep ourselves prepared. Always have a backup plan, in case things don’t work out the way you have planned them. Shifting to the digital user base helped us connect with our customers better. Always have a business security plan, alternate business strategy, and savings up to the mark. Never stop learning. Investing in multiple shares helps you cope with financial losses.

-Shrey Mangal, Owner,Raj Yatayat Pvt. Ltd.

Make an Online Presence

It was very obvious for the number of cases or patients to come down during covid as people were stepping outside barely for essentials only and the only option I could look for that time is to go digital and it is only then I understood how making an online presence of your business is such an understatement even in today’s tech-savy world. Going digital for my business has helped me to gain a few more cases and I am diligently working to create a powerful presence online.

-Poornima Venkat, CEO, Dhanvanthri Physiotherapy Clinic


Try to make goals which are efficient for the long run. This attitude helps in maintaining financial hygiene, when an unexpected pandemic sweeps the world. Having six months of operating expenses stored away in the emergency funds gave a piece of mind . It helped us focus more on dealing with the situation in hand. Play it smart and meticulously. Keep working harder everyday.

-Raja N, Manager, Jawa wealth Management


In a nutshell we are changing everyday and there is no going back. This extraordinary time has made it important to utilize online tech to meet with customers, virtual endorsement programming, zoom/groups for video statements. Necessity is really the mother of development. What we as a company realised was that the pandemic was a time to work on the foundations of the company once again and change our future targets . We had to customise our targets taking in view the consequences of the lockdown and the hardships that it brought along . Going digital helped us create new contacts immediately from across the country. Be flexible and keep optimizing!

- Prakash Meerchandani, Director, Purple Box Interiors

Face adversity with strength

Tourism industry is one of the worst hit sectors by the pandemic. Covid has made severe harsh impact on our business, income and growth. The consequences are such that I had no work at all for months in 2020. It was lockdown imposed everywhere, people are not stepping outside their houses let alone planning trips and holidaying, all of this was no less than a nightmare but I have not lost hope and I am facing this all with utmost courage and strength. Looking forward to good times.

-Nataraja Sundaram, CEO, Hanu Tours & Travels

Planning is an absolute necessity

Laying down a practical strategy to completely switch to the digital medium was the best thing I did, being in housing society/industry, it was not possible for me to meet or get in touch with the clients in person amid all the lockdown restrictions. A solid and concise strategy gave me an opportunity to interact with people and explain them how going digital can-do various wonders to their business.We generated online links, addressed them and managed to pay all our workers on time. Therefore, plan well and execute well.



Businesses have faced a lot of crises and incurred heavy losses. Tough times like these teach us valuable lessons, that too the hard way. Financial preparedness is a must. It is critical to have financial backings so you need to cut down on expenses , invest smartly and have an emergency fund ready. Invest in an interactive website and friendly user interbase. Doorstep services are also good. A long- term sustainability plan shall help brands to focus on short term survival goals, to be better prepared for any pandemic-like situation in the future.

- Sangeeta Ajwani, CEO, Ross International


Covid-19 turned out to be lucky for my business personally. We are a marketing firm. We had anticipated that in the coming ten to fifteen years people are going to realise the importance of marketing, but the pandemic only accelerated things. I got new clients immediately after the beginning of the lockdown. People were trying to use their free time judiciously by investing in strategies to promote their business. We have grown from a team of three to five in the last six months. Never stop marketing!

- Sharon Lobo, Founder, QUIRKY WRITERS MEDIA


The covid 19 pandemic led to the spread of our business digitally. For our business initially, thinking about a new strategy was a challenge. But after that things sailed smoothly. We were getting raw material from across the country. It was saving a lot of time for us too. The stocks which were piled up previously due to the lockdown now disappeared. Hence you should never settle for less and keep searching for more.

- Annal .M, CEO, Newgen Energy Systems

Be patient

Due to the pandemic, our business suffered badly, we faced problem in operating, the cost

of our projects reduced, even we did not had payments for the staff-members, people are

not willing to take projects, it actually proved to be a very devasting time but I am hoping for

things to get back to normal and happier times.

-Simon Raj L, CEO, Gulf Raj Builders


Every business out there is dealing with the effect of COVID-19 in some or the other

way. The best part of the COVID-19 was that people started using more and more

technology. As we were able to save time by having discussion over ZOOM and other

technological platforms, which resulted in a positive and effective impact on our

business. The ability to survive the present times calls for leaders, not bosses. We

started having more focused conversations and more productivity in our business.

Always remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

- Anshul Dhingra, Co-Founder, AD Executive Training and Coaching Private Limited

Look for both the sides

Though corona definitely had some negative impact on my business also like rest of the

others for example our funding was reduced, our efficiency and man-power was lower than

ever before but as it is said you should always look both sides of a coin, so we also tried to

explore the challenges that we could convert into a set of opportunities and as a matter of

fact we realized that we can now streamline things, going digital for our business was

altogether a completely different experience in itself, we learned how to connect and sell

ourselves online, earned more reviews etc. I would say that as someone who is into

business one should never get bogged down by difficulties but rather should look for

possibilities of growth that comes with it.

-Viral Bulsara, CEO, Viral enterprise


Everyone knew that making a new website was the first step at reviving the business. We cannot do business the traditional way. It is simply not possible. The best solution is to be flexible and keep changing strategies based on what suits the business best. The targets which were set up for twelve months before should be set up for ten months. Business owners need to keep a surplus ready in case of any mishap.

-Prakash Sarawgi, Director, Valuemantra Consulting


It was a tough time. I was worried about the salaries to be paid . But I was also extremely grateful to be safe, especially during the second wave. We had invested in stocks and pseudo currency . Our investment options were diverse which helped us to cope up with the loss. My advice to anyone who wants to start a new business is save more and at least have a backup strategy ready for 6 months in case anything out of the plan happens. Be cautious, be wise , play the game smartly!



The pandemic forced us to utilize what we have in hand judiciously and learn to do more with less in times of uncertainty. Make sure to come up with a powerful business lesson , as we know nothing about what is coming in the future. Be flexible, indulge in creating new ideas. It is what we did with our team to planout the strategy again. Go digital and most importantly, never stop working hard.

-Vinit Maheshwari, Company Secretary, M2 Business Allies LLP


I am a dentist and the things were not bad for me business wise. But one thing which has changed drastically is how concerned the patients have become towards hygiene and sanitization. It is no wonder that the pandemic has changed the mindset of the people tremendously. On one hand people were scared, on the other they learned huge life lessons. For businessmen it was a huge opportunity to internally restructure the brand or the company. Our mindset defines our actions and our actions ultimately define how we are going to cope up with a bad condition. That is why I say that I looked at the glass as half filled. That's what made all the difference.

- Dr. NISHA, Doctor and Owner, Dr. Nisha Clinic


Building an industry requires a lot of paperwork. We opted for advance arrangements taking all precautions beforehand. This pandemic is bound to have permanent consequences on every type of company in every type of industry. While we always talk about the future, only a few of us actually do something really effective about it. The ability to think, plan and execute in a clinical fashion is the key to realizing transformation. This is not to be confused with a rigid plan. Your strategy should be practical and effective. Getting in direct contact with the clients really helps.



Try to adopt the strategies which are futuristic and full proof. Keep yourself updated with what new developments have come up in the market and adjust accordingly. Utilize the free time in gaining knowledge and conduct seminars. Being a freelancer myself, i know that business is full of ups and downs. Stay positive, work hard and remain persistent, that is the main key!

-Smitha Sailesh, CA , Freelancer

Prepare yourself for the worst

A business personality should always keep himself prepared for the worst, going through

challenges become part and parcel of his life, I am into computer business, It was not

possible for us to operate at all, the market was done, we even didn’t receive our payments

from clients on time, life really gets tough sometimes.

-Ravichandran K, CEO, Jyothi Technologies


In this situation of COVID-19, businesses especially small businesses must be willing

and also be prepared to tell their story over various platforms, and should have their

own platform. We have seen a positive change as lots of training we do has gone

online. As it is a HR management company which provide HR Solutions, most of our

clients ask for online training that help improve productivity and performance. We,

at HR management company for online training use our client’s own platform.

-Rama Harave, Co-Founder and Practice head, Eka Consultants India


We have always taken pride in our team. We feel that supporting people in tough times is the biggest virtue. We planned new strategies in business and tried to go digital in every possible way. We made sure to provide any possible help to our members and employees. Invest judiciously and try to help one another in building new businesses.

-Rashmin Sharma, Owner, Posh Washing Center Pvt Ltd

Hard work is the key of success

Contemporary business market is so tough to deal with. To compete with this fastest

growing market, we need strong strategy as well as hard work. The Covid-19 pandemic

has brought a good opportunity as well as challenges to compete the marketing skills

and to develop the new market strategies with good ideas. As this lock down is giving us

a lot of leisure time and we need to develop new way to manage the wastes around us.

After this pandemic the market will be so competitive and full of challenges that there

will be a lot of new opportunities to face. Keep working hard until you get an


-Raghuram Natarajan, CEO, Green Recykloplast Solutions Pvt Ltd

Be flexible and learn to adapt

We identified the fact that online mode of communication is going to be the new normal now, so we got completely digital. Sometimes you have to change your strategy according to the prevailing circumstances in order to succeed so don’t hesitate rather take the risk and go for a change, analyzing the kind of situations that may arise due to the ongoing pandemic I thought it is a good idea to stabilize myself by starting a second venture so, I went with this idea and started an online sales panel. Hence my biggest learning is that molding yourself according to the ongoing situations can help you survive no matter how critical the things are.

-Omkar Trivedi,CEO, Timios Retails


Being in the hair salon business we know the importance of quality. This is what distinguishes you from your competitors. After the lockdown was over people started pouring in huge numbers. The customers don’t mind the extra charges provided there is no compromise on the quality. After the pandemic our experts have become even more careful about sanitizing better personal hygiene. Apart from this you should remember that there is always a solution to be found. Provide door to door service if possible. Remember that your perception defines who you are. You can turn misfortune to fortune. Everything depends on perspective.

-Karthikk KVN, Managing Partner, Mysaa - Salon de Studio

Be Ready for the unpredictable

The one prominent quality a businessman should possess is to be ready to face any kind of

difficulty that may come, he should know how to tackle the challenges and move further no

matter what, Covid took all of us by surprise and my business was also severely hit by it, The remote sessions affected the training and the pandemic collapsed the entire way our business used to operate but we are ready to take on the challenge and work harder towards our goal.

- Shivkumar Prabhakaran, CEO, Practical methods IT services Pvt ltd.


We found out that the inline platforms are extremely efficient in business. It’s extremely easy to do and makes life hassle free. Having said that don’t keep your eggs in one basket otherwise you will struggle to adapt. The best way to internally build your company is through educating your staff in treating the customers like a family. During the time of the pandemic we kept in touch with our customers on a personal level. This has created better company affiliations. Thus grasp the opportunity of doing your best at all times.

- Mohammed Shan, Director, Royal Aluminum


Most of us thought that working from home is not Possible. Before March if you come to your office in pyjamas you were not working at all. But now, conducting zoom meetings with freshly pressed buttons on top and pyjamas in the bottom has become the new normal. Many companies have turned completely to work from home now. It is cost effective and super convenient. Setting up an office at the corner of the room can work too.

- Vipul Aggarwal, Owner, Agarwal And Company


We know that business is full of ups and downs. There are tough times but you should remember that it does not last long. Try new methods of promoting your business. Use social media platforms for best results. Reinvent a team which can come up with futuristic technologies. Whatever you do, make sure to put your heart and soul into it and you are good to go! Try to reposition your company no matter what comes your way. Finally, accept the fact that uncertainty is coming. You must have read somewhere that we are in the age of pandemics. Some also believe that more will be coming our way so buckle up!

-Pujan B. Shah, Manager, Dealkarde


The situation established a new process for marketing and sales too. We cannot think of following the same marketing or sales process that we were using before covid 19 pandemic.Today online presence is essential for any provider. Scale your business channels to reach a wider audience. Establishing a good digital presence today will prove beneficial for your business tomorrow.

-Akshay Bhoir, Doctor, Brahmand Ayurved


Our company provided service during the pandemic times too taking care of all the security measures. Taking charge of the business digitally has turned out more efficient and productive. Businessmen mostly were working from home and there was a sheer shortage to supply for company demand. During the tough time there is acute shortage of service. You look out for optimizing solutions where you can turn a bane into a boon. Do not always stick to the traditional ways to do business. Try out new things and take risks.

-Amit Powar, Director, Spark Elevators Pvt ltd

Ready for the challenge

The pandemic had devasting consequences on our business. We did not have any work for a month almost, serving our day-to-day staff became difficult but we have not lost faith yet

and we are looking towards the better times and I am sure we will bounce back stronger.

-Prasanna Pandurangan, CEO, Modern Radio Service

Life is unpredictable

Pandemic took all of us by surprise and really made us suffer, like everybody else my

business also went down, we are cutting off operations, there is a lack of cash liquidity in the market, weddings have been cut short, though people have trusted gold as an asset to invest in but by volume our business has decreased.

-Ayush Khurrana, CEO, Khurana Jewellery House

It is all the same

Though covid had a very devasting impact on a lot of businesses and for some it was an

opportunity in disguise but routine business seems to be pandemic proof, sectors such as

home- automation saw no particular gains or losses thus it was very usual for us.

-Keyur Shah, CEO, Smart-Automation And LV Systems Private Limited


Just because one thing has served one way for a decade Does not mean that it will continue to do in the future as well. While there is always something to be learned from the past , it is important to not get stuck in it. Look ahead and optimize your strategies for the future. Start with your technicalities. Conduct meetings. Make your department techno savvy. Customize and build your own apps for the existing customers if not new. Keep pushing ourselves further as much as possible. Remember that everyone is on the edge and you are not alone in this.Always look ahead with a tendency to grow.

- Sheelu Khaitan, Owner, SRI AMRITAM TYRES

Cease the opportunity

The pandemic gave jewelry business owners an amazing opportunity to grow as the marriages taking place reduced, expenses declined and customers shifted their investment to jewelry pieces especially the gold, so yes, it has been an enriching experience for us to learn, earn and grow more.

-Nalin Bardia, CEO, Nishalin Diamonds


Always have a backup plan. Companies which are not innovative cannot continue in the long run. Being a tutor in the pandemic was not an easy thing . But we were passionate about doing it for the long run and we did. All the multinational companies have thrived upon this very idea . Covid 19 has taught us this greatest lesson: always have a backup plan. As a small business owner ask yourself questions that "what would i do if "

- Jyotsna Chandrasekhar, Tutor, Time Kids Preschool (Franchise)

Be reliable, genuine customer will find you

Like everyone, the pandemic was a tough time for us also but we managed to look for the online options that were available. The biggest lesson I have learnt is that if you know how to be accountable, creditable and most importantly reliable for the services you are rendering , the customer will come to you, contact you anyhow. A genuine customer who requires your products will find you.



Not much time had passed after quarantine that I realized that things like this will continue in the future. Our company managed its losses through community support. We made sure that no matter what we do, we constantly evolve and make sure the business is always running. Although we are still waiting for the pandemic to get over, the business still moves further. Adaptability to any situation is a prerequisite for any business.

-Fakrudeen K.,Manager, Cell World


Client retention is the most important aspect of any business. If you have a practical approach towards dealing with your customers then there is literally no stopping you. Do not try to make new clients and retain the older ones. Provide them rewards for trusting you during tough times. Customer is your god .Always keep customers happy. Invest in funds from the pharmaceutical industries as it is likely to go upwards. Keep looking for better means to survive and thrive.

- Sony George, Director, ABC Chit funds


We realized that sitting idle and doing nothing was not going to run my business. Even during the lock-down our team was active and was constant in contact with our existing customers. We did not forget to cater to our old customers in tough times too. We develop a friendly user base for our old members. Keeping alternates was challenging but it helped us reap good rewards in future.

-Neha, Founder, Neha Enterprises.

Do not lose hope

It is said, When the going gets tough, the tougher gets going.My business has been severely hampered by the pandemic, the market is completely shut and I literally did not have any work for almost 2 months but I firmly believe on looking at the brighter side no matter what may come, I am constantly looking around for new and innovative ways to uplift

my business and I hope to receive positive results soon.

- Ragbir Singh Chawla, CEO, Jeet Batteries

Embrace the blessing

The pandemic proved to be a blessing for the investment and insurance sector. People got

more aware about all the investing and insurance stuff and it is always a great time to invest

when the market is crashed, people actually gained very high returns and therefore it helped me a lot to take my business to another level, I would just say that you should learn to look at the positive side and embrace the blessing that life may bestow you with.

-Anant Jain, CEO, Pooran Mal Jain & Sons


During the pandemic, car and motor industries were the worst hit. Companies had to undergo great losses. Therefore we adopted a new strategy. We shifted our business temporarily. We started importing the essentials that were required during the first and the second wave taking care of all the security protocols. Currently we have two companies on board and are working efficiently. The new business helped in recovering from losses.We lost many of our existing customers to the pandemic, but now getting new ones is exciting. Never stop working!

-Manmohan Pasari, Founder, KAR KWEEN

Covid-19 can’t stop us

Covid-19 can’t stop us to grow our market. Although it is a though time for all of us and

it has a lot of negative impact on people like us, still we are doing great. Its essential to

communicate to our customers,that how they can help and contribute in our small

business. We have learned the importance of digital marketing and some innovative small

business concepts, who have an online presence are able to operate the whole marketing

strategies. So in this way we are going great in this pandemic.

-Mohit Sareen, CEO, Elixir Web Solutions


We felt that doing business from an online platform cannot be accomplished. On the contrary, online business is quite efficient. We could hire people across India and work with them. We saw many retailers face problems so we helped them cover up the loss. The prices of transportation and raw materials is on the rise so it is better to conduct things virtually as much as possible.

- Karthipan U, Owner, Cakes & Treats

Make most of an Opportunity

This pandemic has proven to be a great time for my venture, my business has grown up to 5 times in terms of revenue and this would only have been possible because we, as a team,

identified the opportunities that were coming our way with the advent of covid, we made sure we do not let these significant chances go into vain and worked tirelessly, helped corporates to bring about a difference and gladly we succeed. My biggest learning, I would

say is that to embrace the chances life gives you.

-Milin Desai, CEO, Confabpro


Pandemic brought chaos with it. Oder is something that you can find on your own.We are a wedding planner company. We saw that weddings with only fifty people were possible too. Indian big fat weddings sometimes have close to a thousand people. Having your relatives connect with you over the internet was something that we did not think was possible. But it was possible. We are working on new strategies to provide comfort to our clients. Finding stability in chaos is beneficial.. Covid also taught us to integrate remote work .

- Srishti Somani, Owner, Event Ustaad


The pandemic was a tough time for all businesses. So was it for us. We were providing workshops online and trying to make up for losses. The most important lesson is to bounce back once the market reopens. Keep in mind that what you are suffering in your business is mutual. It gets better with time. So wait for that time to come. Till then, keep learning. Keep making your logistics better and when the right time comes, Jump in!

-Jimmy Dholakiya, Director, Apco Motors India pvt Ltd.

Make best out of an opportunity

Though this pandemic had negatively affected several businesses but for us it was a great opportunity to move towards the digital medium. We have got completely digital, have converted all our inquiries into digital sessions, conducted multiple seminars and interactive sessions for our clients and this has also helped us in reducing a lot of money that was earlier going on to infrastructure and many other days to day expenses. Hence, we should

learn how to make best out of an opportunity.

-Sreyansh Jain, CEO, Sumangal Plywood

Consistency is the key

Though the mining industry, railways and basically most of the government operated businesses did not bear that much of an adverse impact of covid, the business was functioning usually as the pre- pandemic times but one thing that came into my notice is that constant and consistent hard work and innovation could help you sail through the harder times, even if you are not into routine business.

-Vishal Champaneri, CEO, Nilesh Enterprise


We should always keep our routines and workflows flexible. Pandemic is full of uncertainties. One thing is certain, that nothing is certain! Therefore, preparing ourselves mentally is the most important. Give extra care to the technicalities . Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Keep diversifying your business. Keep communicating with the clients. Build your own community on social media platforms like facebook and whatsapp.

-Aftab,Chairman, Xpresso Integrated Communications


Look out for opportunities. opt For diversifying your business by supplying products in demand. During the pandemic, masks , pp kits, sanitizers were greatly in demand. You should ask yourself how you can improve yourself and get ready for what lies ahead . Have an ongoing goal of making your company better. People who showed up to buy pp kits and sanitizers also ended up buying our products. Change your strategy depending on the need of the situation . You also need to build up your own community to tell your stories and experiences.

-Nishant, Owner, Vishal Electricals

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