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Vipul Singh- Principal for Architecture & Interior Design of Design Accord Consultants

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little about DESIGN ACCORD CONSULTANTS?

VIPUL SINGH: Design Accord was established in 2002 by myself (Vipul Singh) and my partner, Mr. Madhup Mazumder in Delhi. This is a boutique design organisation with Pan India presence and also some projects successfully completed in South East Asian Countries and middle east.

Great Companies: How did DESIGN ACCORD CONSULTANTS come into being? What is its mission and vision?

VIPUL SINGH: Design Accord Consultants is the brain child of two of us.. we were working together on some smaller projects as free lancers and realised that we can together start a design firm as we complimented each other with our respective core strengths.

Our main focus since inception had been “Design” as we had worked with the stalwarts of the profession like Prof. Shaheer (our teacher, guide and mentor), Mr Amardeep Behl and Mr. Kedar Joshi. So, for us “Design” has been always the priority. Our mission is to propogate good design. We as a nation has put “Design” way down our priority list and we want that slowly, we all should live by Design as other developed nations do.

We envision ourself as developing into one of the most dependable International design firm by 2025 from India.

Great Companies: What is DESIGN ACCORD CONSULTANTS’s idea of great service? And how do you enforce it?

VIPUL SINGH: Design Accord has been successfully designing projects on Pan India basis as its core strength lies in its team and ability to get under the skin of the project and leave nothing to chance. We as a team assist our clients in all possible ways to achieve the best result. Our idea of great service is to handhold the client during the entire project, pre-empt and save the projects from the glitches which would delay the time schedule… the other strength being the level of detailing we delve into for each project which enables smooth execution at site.

We are having clients who are as old as 15 years with whom we have been continuously working on their subsequent projects and they are a family to us.

Great Companies: Having been in the business for more than 19 years, do you think you understand the market trends exceptionally?

VIPUL SINGH: We tend to analyse the market but would not credit ourselves as great. Apart from the regular projects which we do, we tend to equip ourselves technically and also focus on the type of projects which may arise from / after a particular situation….we have good collaborations with fellow co-professionals whom we team up with as per the need of the projects.

Great Companies: What elements define DESIGN ACCORD CONSULTANTS’s style?

VIPUL SINGH:Our design style is SIMPLE, ELEGANT and TO THE POINT…we have projects like Malls, Clubs, Resorts, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions and many public projects to our credit… we have been able to meet the client’s expectations each time which make us believe that being SIMPLE is very important…



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