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Vineet Trakroo, CEO at Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Vineet Trakroo: The reason for the birth of Evolution Strategy Advisors ,is the clear need of corporates for a “Head-on-the-shoulders” consulting partners , who understand their business as well as they do and recommend , implement solutions while blending ..We are minus of frills and 30,000 ft solutions. A team of partners who have been ex CXO was the desired business maturity which we got to the table for our clients.The vast experience in executing challenges by our team coupled with the data analytics approach was what the organisations desired. In the market there are the very big international consulting co.'s and then free lance consultants. The market had a gap and a need with changing competitiveness.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP

Vineet Trakroo: ESA is a boutique consulting firm that covers the 360 degree span from Strategy to Execution . Our particular areas of interest are functions that are closely related to revenue , profitability . In effect Sales , Marketing , Product management are core strengths . Performance management is our strength. We position ourselves as "Growth Enablers".

Our Areas of operation

1. Business Health Analytics (Business Diagnostics) : Identifying issues which are holding back growth of a business or a division

2. Business Transformation: Restructuring and transforming organisations to grow

3. Building Executional Excellence: In Sales, marketing, brand management and analytics

4. Building Alliances: We represent some of the worlds leading brands for licensing. For this we have a tie up with LMCA, USA who is one of the top licensing and brand extension co. in the world.

Business Diagnostics translates to identifying the issues which are not allowing the business to grow or are making it perform poorly. Our role is in identifying the real causes for this low performance and suggesting solutions which can be implemented in sales and marketing domain immediately without any significant increase in cost.

We are the only company in India offering a diagnostic approach to solving marketing and sales related issues faced by companies using cloud based tools and analytics to arrive at the challenges as well as the solution. Our approach is to tap into the internal resources of the organisation i.e. sales, trade, influencers, service etc. As these are the people who actually influence the selling process

Great Companies: What makes Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Vineet Trakroo: Our distinguisher lies in a. Our expertise in diagnosing improvement areas in key processes of each function .Furthermore , confirming to the diagnosis , devising execution programs for short ,mid and long term results .b. our Ability to offer enterprise level solutions – for strategies , for key milestones AND our ability to execute the programs that we define / recommend . c. we blend with teams at Top ,mid and front line levels ..working alongside to improve the outcome.

We have been able to grow the top and bottom lines of organisations by identifying the real challenges and the extent of these challenges by prioritising them. We further offer them solution to these challenges and work with our clients to deliver results after the action plan is created.

We work with the industry leaders who have complex business issues. These organisations are world class in their practices and demand the best with every project we learn new business practices. We have done multiple projects with our clients which is a testimony of our work quality. Further we upskill with getting into more complex client data and have a strong analytic team which is using the latest software tools and cloud analytics to analyse and identify insights.

Great Companies: What were the struggles and challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Vineet Trakroo:

1. Clients’ being territorial of their operations and not being cognizant of their black spots

2. Client hesitation in awarding mandates which cover

[a] the entire organization

[b] Strategy as also execution are some of the challenges faced.

Tackling them took time as Getting clients to understand our offering which is unique and only one of its kind. The concepts of cloud, analytics and consulting is new to a lot of midsized companies, while large organisation usually rely on internal knowledge. Only organisations which have been having chronic issues try our approach. Educating them on Our approach to growth being internal factors and knowledge within along with how we can execute better. We are still seeding the idea.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP?

Vineet Trakroo: We are always adding more features to our analytical abilities and data analysis. We also complement our services with a team of industry experts who have been at CXO level. These experts help our clients to deliver through our guidance in execution. We are planning to expand our services to other sectors mainly services, consumer finance, insurance, consumer investment. We are also looking at adding more competencies to improve the customer experience offered by our clients.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Vineet Trakroo: Be rooted , cull positives in your client, always talk tangible. Demonstrate effects ! Sincerity is a deep rooted value and our clients have a lot of trust on us, this helps us to work along with them to solve their challenges. We believe every service provider would need to imbibe this value



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