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Vineet Arya, Founder at COHIRE

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Vineet Arya : The whole idea of the “COHIRE: Experts on Demand” platform, or more easily understood, the Gig CxO concept, was conceptualized based on my personal experience from a couple of years ago. While I was in my corporate job, I would get a lot of requests from entrepreneurs to help them out in their business management and operations. The entrepreneurs were either solo or had a young team, and they would ask me to help their businesses scale faster. I would help these entrepreneurs on a pro-bono basis, utilizing my past corporate experience. It would help me reduce the potential mistakes any entrepreneur or CEO would do which could hamper their growth.

Later, the problem statement that growing companies needed professional, expert (C-Suite) experience to help them navigate the complex business problems, gained momentum with me. I did deep research on the same and realized that not having an expert on board, derailed the growth of companies. Further, time is of great essence for entrepreneurs of not just startups, but also SMEs and large organizations. Thus, they need an instant doctor to remove these business roadblocks and get the company into a growth trajectory.

Thus, the idea of COHIRE germinated. COHIRE helps companies have access to business experts almost instantly to work for them on an assignment, temporary, or gig basis.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by COHIRE?

Vineet Arya : COHIRE is an “Experts on Demand” platform. That means we are an aggregator of niche and C-suite talent who have a minimum relevant business experience of 15 years. Some of these C-Suite leaders have 25+ years of business experience in multiple domains. They are available to work for organizations on dedicated time-bound assignments. Companies can share the C-Suite leader on a semi-temp or project basis, with clearly defined KPIs.

This is also a beneficial plug-and-play model for companies who are looking for senior experts in domains like Technology, AI-ML, Data Science, QMS, Product, Sales, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Finance, Investment Banking, and many more niche domains.

COHIRE provides experts for specific tasks, who exit once the objective or targets are achieved. These experts work along with the management team of the company as their in-house team members. It makes the engagement frictionless till the completion of the task.

COHIRE is a very niche company, that focuses solely on making domain experts (for a wide variety of fields) with 15+ years of experience, to companies willing to take the gig route in C-Suite hiring.

Great Companies: What makes COHIRE different from hundreds of other talent provider firms?

Vineet Arya : As indicated before, we are an “Experts on Demand” Platform. Unlike traditional HR Tech firms, we focus only on senior hiring in temporary set-up. The goal of 100s of talent provider firms is to help you find a suitable candidate, who will be given fixed KRAs over a long period, have a permanent role in the organization – for example a CTO. COHIRE, on the other hand, will help you find a tech expert, who has CTO level experience, on a gig basis. He/ She will work in a temporary set-up, on a specific project, and be very flexible.

We are a one-of-a-kind model having created our niche in the industry. We have no organized players competing with us and our USP is the availability of niche C-Suite business experts on Gig Basis. This sets us apart from traditional talent providers like recruitment or freelancing or consulting platforms.

COHIRE is a new-age business model with great potential and growing demand as post-pandemic organizations have started to realize that hiring full-time CxO may not always be the most optimized way. Organizations, whose primary objective is cost optimization, with the need of experts, can COHIRE CxO and experts for a specific task, or temporarily, to help speed up business solutions seamlessly.

COHIRE also solves a perennial issue of challenges who aim to CXO for themselves.Finding the “right” C-Suite leader for a particular role is not only difficult but also time-consuming. While the organization identifies its “right” candidate, COHIRE can help temporar