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Veena Nanda of Sunshine's Nest

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your organisation?

Veena Nanda: Sunshine’s Nest and Gardens, offers unique landscaping designs, using some of the best, trendy outdoor products & plants. We specialise in creating classy, manageable and innovative outdoor spaces. Sunshine’s is the brain child of Ms. Veena Nanda, a landscapist who also specialises in the art of Bonsai and has been in the business of creating beautiful garden spaces for the past 22yrs. Sunshine is identified for the Quality and Uniqueness of services it offers. Anything pertaining to outdoor is our specialty.

Here is a brief list of our products and services....

  1. Designing and Landscaping gardens for villas, pent houses, terrace gardens, corporates, resorts and community parks.

  2. Creating Zen gardens

  3. Designing, fabricating and installing Pergolas & Gazebos, Facades, Floor decking, Partitions and Bamboo structures

  4. Fiberglass Portable Swimming Pools and Pool Enclosures from Europe

  5. Fiberglass Sculptures & Water features

  6. Civil work related to gardens

  7. Outdoor 3 Tire Umbrellas, Tensile Structures and Awnings

  8. Installation of self-irrigating vertical Gardens, small and large

  9. Laying of lawns on ground and terraces gardens

  10. Decorative overlays, Synthetic Turf

  11. All types of flooring and roofing solutions

  12. Manufacturing and laying of Attangudi tiles

  13. Stone lighting, sculptures, benches and stepping stones

  14. Classy, light and unique Fiberglass furniture

  15. Synthetic Rattan furniture

  16. Light weight fiberglass planters in all shapes and sizes

  17. Ceramic urns and planters in assorted sizes

  18. Building of Outdoor Bar areas and furniture for bar & lounge

Great Companies:  How do you cater to the unique needs of each of  your client and provide quality services with the same uniqueness?

Veena Nanda: When it comes to gardens I believe it is important to create a space the client is dreaming of rather than just doing anything that just looks good. The first thing therefore I do is understand how the client visualises the space, what is the utiility of that space for eg. is it for parties, for kids play area, just an ornamental garden to admire or something where one could relax and  do some yoga. Only after I have understood this I come up with a design that suits the clients requirement, ensuring it looks different and unique. Since I earlier ran a garden boutique myself and imported a lot of garden products, I still have access to a lot of amazing unique products other importers bring into the country. I make the most of these products and create pretty, easily maintainable and affordable garden spaces.

Great Companies:  What makes you different from thousands of other architectural organisations in India?

Veena Nanda: Well I am a perfectionist and an artist. My USP is my eye for detail and patience!! Being an artist and a Bonsai specialist it gives me an edge over other landscape designers. I am able to create beautiful theme gardens using some of the most beautiful and unique garden products which I personally source from different importers. Creating pretty outdoor spaces with the right ambiance & incorporating the right products to add character to the space, is what makes my work so special

Great Companies:  How do you plan to improve and increase your market reach?

Veena Nanda: Most of my work comes from word of mouth. I am presently very visible on fb with over 20000 followers. That apart I am aggressively marketing my services through BNI. I plan to keep adding people to my list for networking!! I have now started conducting Bonsai workshops for large corporates, which gives me lot of visibility.

Great Companies:  What do you plan to achieve 5 years down the line? 

Veena Nanda: My dream plan has always been to open a garden center in Bangalore which must be one of its kind in the country. It should sprawl over 3-4 acres and should have everything that suits an outdoor space. There should be an ocean of options for customers to choose from with any budget! These could be furniture, lighting, water features, sculptures, paving stones, stepping stones, vertical garden, bamboo houses, wooden cottages, awnings, wooden decking, fibre structures like pergolas, gazebos, bar counters, etc. I would also like to sell some of the most exotic plants, orchids, ferns, water plants, etc. It would also have a huge collection of water creations like ponds, bolders, cobblestone, fish ponds, aquariums, terraniums, etc. 

This is my dream project which I would like to achieve in the next 5 yrs!



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