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Vasanti Manoj Mulajkar - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2022

Vasanti Manoj Mulajkar: VM3 Tech Solutions LLP

Name: Vasanti Manoj Mulajkar

Business Name: VM3 Tech Solutions LLP

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2017

Profession/ Specialty: IT & Software Services, Digital Marketing & HR Solutions

Social Media : LinkedIn

Company Detail:

VM3 Tech Solutions LLP is one of India's leading technology consulting companies, which provides products and services in the field of Digital Marketing, Web App Development, Software Development, Business Data Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Mobile App Development.

The company strives to provide a unique platform for their customers to brand their business over the internet through various products and excellence in services. VM3 Tech Solutions LLP also has 3 successful products running in the market having more than a 400k user base. The has 95+ satisfied customers over the years through its services in digital marketing, software development and HR solution.

The company’s founder Mrs Vasanti Mulajkar is certified with multiple certifications from Google such as Google ads search, YouTube creative essentials and SEMrush Boston. Apart from the above-mentioned qualifications, Mrs Vasanti Mulajkar has done career counselling for 5k+ students. She has been recognized as a successful woman entrepreneur in multiple forums.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

The company has generated 175k+ warm leads across the globe for their customers through digital marketing services. As the world is changing, the company is evolving it’s strategy by using technology expertise, user sentiment analysis, AI and advanced data analytics techniques to reach the right demographic and right audience at a much faster pace.

VM3 Tech Solutions LLP helps in customer acquisition, conversion and retention. It also focuses on the right customers and drives higher ROI and value. Thus, the company’s customers are their sales partners and help them to grow their business!

Challenges Faced During The Journey:

Mrs Vasanti Manoj Mulajkar describes her challenges through the following points:

1. Creating awareness and clearing misconceptions about online marketing.

2. Cashflow generation during product development.

Now, stating such facts as a challenge is easy but overcoming these issues is what makes the task challenging. So, Mrs Vasanti Manoj Mulajkar proudly describes her steps to overcome the above challenges are:

1. Networking- 1:1 association with more and more people helped her to build confidence in potential customers where she could share her expertise and obtain outcomes from her existing customer base.

2. By generating revenue through aligned services during product development.

The company can now proudly claim that they are 100% debt free having 3 products in the market as 80% of revenue comes from their services.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

Increasing one’s reach to people through networking platforms is very important in today’s era. Therefore, Mrs Vasanti Manoj Mulajkar advises all the aspiring and set-up women entrepreneurs to build several connections. On the other hand, she provides a little tip to not try to sell your product, services in your first interaction. Build relationships, confidence and then convince the customer with your values and association pitch for your product or services.



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