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Varun Bhansali of Mishi Media Solutions

Great Companies: What was the motive behind initiating Mishi Media Solutions? Varun Bhansali:  My motive behind initiating Mishi Media Solutions is to help all the businesses in there sales and marketing with the power of Video Marketing.  Great Companies: What is your success mantra? Varun Bhansali: Giving Creativity and Quality through Affordablity.

Great Companies:  In your initial years did you struggle a lot to this up? Varun Bhansali: Yes we did but later on when our clients sales improved through out creative videos than our venture got success.

Great Companies:  What makes you unique and keeps you going in the race? Varun Bhansali: Our Creativity in that much Affordability that any business can access video solutions.

Great Companies:  How do you ensure the satisfaction of yours customers? Varun Bhansali: We work until they get fully satisfied.



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