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Vanitha C K - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2022

Vanitha C K: CProfit Wealth Management Pvt Ltd


Business Name: cPROFIT Wealth Management Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore, India

Establishment (Year): 2013

Profession/ Specialty: Wealth Manager-Financial Services

Social Media : Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube

Company Detail:

cPROFIT is a Wealth Management company whose inclusive and sensible strategy has won many trusted relationships with High Net-worth Individuals, Corporates, Trusts and Institutions due to its ability to analyse and understand the Investment needs of its clientele in timely guidance.

The company’s dedicated and devoted team of professionals at cPROFIT put together an experience of 70 years to build a Client relationship that crosses all the boundaries starting from formal guidance and suggestion on to a Platform of Trust and Responsibility that exceeds the expectations set forth hitherto.

cPROFIT has won many Awards and Accolades for its Ethical Advisory Practice. Some of them are mentioned below:-

• No.1 Winner-Emerging Advisor, Bangalore by Karnataka Association of Mutual Fund Advisors (KAMFA) for the financial year 2013-14

• No.2 Winner in Karnataka’s Best Performer Category in Mutual fund advisory for the Financial year 2017-18 by BSE

• No.1 Winner in Karnataka’s Best Performer Category in Mutual fund Advisory for the Calendar Year 2017-18.

• Winner of “Think Big” Award from Wealth forum & Reliance Mutual fund during Sep 2018

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

cPROFIT Wealth Management Pvt Ltd meticulously establishes it’s USP by implementing Ethical advisory practice, Trustworthiness, Quality Advisory, Timely guidance, Matchless service standards, availability to the investors; helping the fellow fraternity to reach greater heights through quality training and knowledge imparting sessions.

Apart from these, the company also makes the investors financially literate through 300+ Investor Awareness programmes making the company’s Product -"Advice" to get updated knowledge of the self and team that makes the practice unique.

Challenges Faced During The Journey:

While recalling the challenges Mrs Vanitha mentions that gaining the confidence of the investors as a small company when there are veteran banking and other financial institutions was a complex challenging task to face.

So, distinguishing oneself and proving that the small setup company is powerful all the while facing the male-dominated Advisory universe was indescribable.

On top of all those, the ever-changing dynamic of Regulatory threats and the complex processes made Mrs Vanitha think about the next step ahead in the practice. That resulted in Innovating Multiple products to suit the HNI investors, doing CSR well within the career makes one feel unique. Waves were the inspiration she raised on her own.

In all, Mrs Vanitha faced all the obstacles through her proper communication and transparency.

Advice For Women Entrepreneurs:

Mrs Vanitha states that only 33% of Indian women invest with confidence viz 64% men as per a study. So, all women need to break the barriers, gain knowledge in their respective business or sector to gain confidence to win.

She also encourages other women entrepreneurs to always win through their knowledge, power, spirit and spread the power of winning and never fear failure. Rather than changing the challenges, one can challenge the changes. So, Go gutsy! But carefully measure your move, plan and run, as in a war field you should always be fully equipped.

Life is a war; keep fighting boldly and keep winning!



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