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Vaibhav Rungta, CEO at Reev Travels

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Vaibhav Rungta : We were already present in the Market from 7 years and it all started with doing some college and hostel events which helped me in generating some extra income back then without making any initial investment. Making this a career happened when I joined EY just after college and realized that I could make 5 times of salary which I was getting in the corporate job easily if I focus to add more clients which took just 6 months of time after which I decided to give my business a structure.

But the realization to be present online came during the Pandemic. The first wave had hit the travel industry and made the business negative. With second wave coming in, we already realized the need to be present online to reach the wider audience and to be able to the expand our customer base outside our social connections which was possible only through some presence online and by advertisement. Thanks to Facebook and Google ads presence that boosted us and helped create an entirely new customer base which is way way wider than what we could do only with word-of mouth publicity.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Reev Travels

Vaibhav Rungta : Reev Travels provides curated Hotel deals across India assuring the best prices. We curate best Hotels across India with the best user reviews. Apart from hotels, we also provide Corporate Booking Desk fulfilling Flights, Hotels and Corporate Events and Holidays across 60+ Countries. On the leisure aspect, we even have a dedicated team for Family and Honeymoon Holiday planning dedicated to catering this sector. Furthermore, we are coming up with deals on Flight Bookings where we pre-purchase 50+ sectors and providing unmatchable fares on flight bookings. (Say Bangalore- Delhi for as low as Rs. 3500)

Great Companies: What makes Reev Travels different from hundreds of other Travel Management firms?

Vaibhav Rungta :

We are trying to disrupt the offline travel deals and aiming to bring them Online. There are more than 50+ top travel management firms who act as consolidator for specific segment of India. But all of them work on an offline model working only with travel agents and provide only B2B Deals. We are trying to compile inventories of those travel management companies and bringing there deals online and direct to customers which will help the customers get the best prices on these Hotels. Most of them being on the niche segment of Hotel categories.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Vaibhav Rungta : Getting the cutomers to believe in a new and upcoming brand is the ket challenge that all the new companies face today specially when there are so many scams happening around the customers and customers not being so educated toward preventing these scams. A simple example would be Credit Card chargeback option which a lot of customers don’t know in India which can help them in not becoming a prey to these scams. Apart form this, educating the Hotel consolidators to come online to our portal is yet another challenge as they are not much used to technology and they have always been working through Whatsapp and Phone calls which have always restricted their approach to reach a wider audience out there which in turn becomes Reev Travel’s USP in reaching the customers on their behalf.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Reev Travels?

Vaibhav Rungta: With immense spend on Advertisement Campaigns, we have already reach five times our business Pre-Covid. And with continuous approach towards Regular Advertisement, Marketing, Branding and a great Sales Team already on-board, we aim to multiply our business 500x in the coming 5 years as we have already discovered the huge potential in this market. Apart from this, we also aim to reach the International Markets as it opens to curate best deals and bring them to Indian and Foreign Customers which we have already started as of now with Maldives, Dubai and Thailand but aim to reach more destinations and customers.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Vaibhav Rungta : Focus on Sales and Marketing. If there is something which helps in excelling the business, its always continuous Sales and Marketing with a great focus on Building your Team. Believe in people and give them a 100 days to prove their efficiency.



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