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Usha Pyarilal, Managing Director at Genesys

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Usha Pyarilal: I and my husband were into education business in Saudi Arabia and have been running our own schools in Hail , Saudi Arabia. When we relocated to Kochi my brother who is a registered member of the Immigration Regulatory Council Canada , suggested that we set up an Overseas Education & Immigration Consultancy as he could back us .Thus we got moving and the company was registered in May 2017.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Genesys

Usha Pyarilal: We are into Overseas Education and Immigration .We assist students to study in Canada and assist Individuals and families to immigrate to Canada. We have various pathways through which we advise clients and choose the best option that befits the client.

Great Companies: What makes Genesys different from hundreds of other Education & Immigration firms?

Usha Pyarilal:

We are very transparent and diligent in our work .We proceed with the process only if the client meets the required eligibility. Thus we have a hundred percent success in visa approvals. We are affordable and reasonably priced with no hidden charges .

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Usha Pyarilal: Definitely the pandemic was quite a reason for struggles and challenges with travel bans, biometric and visa stamping delays hence we were cliff hung for a while .

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Genesys?

Usha Pyarilal: We are already on the move to branch out and open up Genesys in other cities of Kerala.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Usha Pyarilal: I would advice anyone to be , diligent, transparent and make no compromise on the quality of what you serve. Love your brand just as much as you love yourself.



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