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Unleashing Growth: The Evolution Strategy Story

Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP is a transformative force in the Business Service and Consulting realm, operating in Gurgaon, India. Founded by Vineet Trakroo in 2013, the company offers its expertise to both large and medium-sized corporations seeking to expand and evolve.

Evolution Strategy Advisors is uniquely poised to drive substantial growth, consistently delivering plans that exceed 5X growth rates. What sets them apart is their remarkable track record of achieving growth exceeding 300% in just two years for major corporations. Their secret weapon is their experienced team, which includes former CXOs. These experts not only guide clients but also provide hands-on support to ensure the execution of growth strategies.

The company's approach is comprehensive, encompassing business transformation, strategy consulting, and effective execution. Their expertise has made them a trusted partner, evidenced by the fact that 80% of their clients return for more, and they've completed over 100 successful projects.

Evolution Strategy Advisors' influence extends across industries, having collaborated with leaders in various sectors. From automobile giants like Tata Motors and Mahindra to FMCG powerhouses like Pepsi and Camlin, they've left their mark. Other sectors they've impacted include durables, pharmaceuticals, and building materials, with companies such as Titan, Abbott, and Saint-Gobain Asahi Glass benefiting from their services.

The company's impact isn't just about numbers; it's about transformation. They assist businesses in entering new markets, shifting from B2B to B2C and vice versa, and creating robust long-term strategies for growth. When faced with challenges, they're adept at reviving a struggling top or bottom line, showcasing their versatility.

Under the leadership of Vineet Trakroo, Evolution Strategy Advisors has become a catalyst for growth and change. Their approach isn't just consultation; it's a partnership for evolution, helping businesses unleash their full potential and chart a course toward success.

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Vineet Trakroo
Vineet Trakroo
19 ago 2023

Thank you, GC, for this article and wonderfully highlighting our journey so far


Vineet Trakroo

Me gusta
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