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U.Janani - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020


Sai Vruksha Academy

Story teller and communication trainer for children

Company Details

I am Janani Uppiliappan, a passionate educator, founder of Sai vruksha Academy,Chennai. I teach and train children the essence and art of English communication skills through various methodologies. I teach phonics,grammar and train children in creative writing,story telling and public speaking to enrich their vocabulary,writing and speaking English language skills among students .

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

My journey as a passionate educator began with 10 students to teach creative writing.Today i am running numerous batches in training children intensively , by adapting various concepts and methodologies in the process of imparting the language skills in children . I had to develop my continuous learning process from the masters,industry experts by attending workshops and training programs. I also had to focus on day to day learning which is happening on the job which was equally challenging.i learn huge every time i come up with new worksheets, a new formula to teach my students. The intelligence level, the grasping power and the ability to understand the concept differed from one child to the other. It was a great challenge for me to find and understand the core reason behind their learning process and adaptability to various concepts. Beyond teaching and training core skills, the responsibility to make every child believe in himself was much needed. Whenever the child stumble, the responsibility to lend a helping and trusting hand to lift them up and boost their self confidence and bring in discipline and habit forming was a demanding element . With all my my abilities and knowledge that i posses, i thrive hard to take the fear,stress and anxiety associated with Learning English through fun and creative methodologies. Today i am a happy teacher and a trainer who wants all her students to get the best from the global educational systems and methodologies. I happily invest on my continuous learning.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Managing the classes, family and studying, time was in fact predominant element for me.I had to develop strategies to manage career and family. There had been days where i sit and study at late nights. I too had personal struggles and issues that evolved around me. If you want to grow and be successful the only mantra is start believing in yourself, focus and set a goal and start working towards it. Continuous learning , hard work and smart execution of your work will always take you the path of success and contentment.

To what do you attribute your success

Continuous learning is the reason i continue to grow in what i do and deliver the best. To comply with the modern day requirements and my passion for teaching , I spend quality time researching for the right training and educational institutions to deliver the best for my students . Whatever i learn i implement it immediately without any further delay. Hard work, keeping the spirit high, focus and keeping alive my passion and listening to my inner urge to learn new things are my attributes to my success.

Website or Social Media Page

sai vruksha face book page.



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