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Tushar Kansal: A Visionary Entrepreneur Paving the Way for Startups and Growth-stage Companies


Tushar Kansal, an astute entrepreneur, and the Founder CEO of Kansaltancy Ventures, has been making waves in the business world. With a rich background in leading multinational companies and a strong academic foundation, Tushar Kansal brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His leadership skills, financial acumen, and extensive experience in various domains have propelled Kansaltancy Ventures to become the go-to investment bank and venture capital firm for startups and growth-stage companies.

Expert Opinion - Domain and Expertise:

Having successfully founded and led multiple companies, Tushar Kansal possesses exceptional leadership capabilities, enabling him to guide teams and manage businesses effectively. His experience at Deloitte & Touché has honed his financial expertise, specializing in due diligence, valuation, and financial modelling. Additionally, his tenure at a prominent VC fund has provided him with valuable insights into identifying high-potential companies and structuring deals. Tushar Kansal's expertise also extends to treasury operations, corporate finance, and venture capital compliances, thanks to his notable roles at MTS.

Brand Update:

Tushar Kansal's achievements have earned him prestigious accolades, including the "Best Startup Supporter" award presented by Dr. Kiran Bedi at the "IndiaFirst Tech Startup Conclave 2022." He was also recognized as the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2022" by Business Connect Magazine and received the "Business Leader of the Year in Investment Management 2021" award from the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Under Tushar Kansal's leadership, Kansaltancy Ventures has established itself as the premier investment bank and venture capital firm. The company assists startups and growth-stage companies in achieving their goals through mentoring, guidance, equity funding, debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic services. Leveraging a vast network of over 500 global VC/investor relationships, Kansaltancy Ventures has played a pivotal role in the success of more than 10,000 startups since its inception in 2016.


Kansaltancy Ventures has forged strategic partnerships with renowned global accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurship development cells, angel networks, venture capital funds, family offices, chambers of commerce, and startup/technology platforms. Collaborations with organizations such as Starterbites Ventures, Faster Capital, Tomorrow Capital, and TiE have further solidified Kansaltancy Ventures' position as a trusted partner for startups and growth-stage companies.

Exclusive News:

Tushar Kansal's expertise and thought leadership have garnered significant attention in the media. He has made appearances on esteemed platforms such as CNN-News18, where he has shared valuable insights on various subjects. Tushar Kansal's life story has also been featured on Channel 510 on Tata Play (formerly Tata Sky), under the program "Har Ghar Startup." His contributions extend beyond television, with a series of talks and articles on platforms such as YouTube, Venture Capital Tv, Business World, Inc42, and more.

Industry Update:

According to a recent BAIN DIGEST 2023 report, India's share in Asia-Pacific VC investments has reached approximately 20%. The country's VC market remains one of the largest globally, with a deal flow surpassing USD 25 billion. India has witnessed a significant rise in early-stage deals and the creation of unicorns, outpacing China in the number of new unicorns added in 2022.

Insights highlight various aspects of India's economic growth, demographics, startup ecosystem, and Tushar Kansal's perspective

  • India stands out as one of the few countries worldwide, alongside China, with robust GDP growth. Its young and growing population, coupled with a burgeoning middle class, contributes to the country's immense potential.

  • India's GDP Growth and Middle Class: India is one of the few countries with a high GDP growth rate, comparable to China. It also has a large middle-class population, contributing to consumption, which forms a significant share of the GDP.

  • GDP on PPP: India's GDP on a purchasing power parity basis is over USD 13 trillion. However, due to factors like low currency value and high oil imports, India's GDP in dollar terms is around USD 3.7 trillion.

  • India's Youthful Population: With an average age of 29, India is the youngest country globally. This demographic advantage, coupled with an aging population in Europe, Japan, and China, has attracted companies looking to shift production and investment to countries like India.

  • Government Support for Startups: The Indian government has taken initiatives such as Startup India and Invest India to boost the startup ecosystem. Entrepreneurship Development Cells (EDCs) have been established in colleges across the country. The number of registered startups with Startup India has grown significantly, reaching approximately 100,000.

  • VC Funding and India's Startup Sector: The growth of venture capital funding in India can be attributed to the aforementioned factors. India's startup sector has emerged as one of the top three globally.

  • Kansaltancy Ventures: Founded in 2016, Kansaltancy Ventures has supported over 10,000 startups and facilitated more than USD 100 million in funding through its network of institutional investors. The company has a global reach and is involved in various sectors and countries. Additionally, Kansaltancy Ventures is a venture advisor for the Canadian VC fund "Loyal VC."

Quotes By Tushar Kansal

  • 'It is high time we humans see ourselves as a product of nature rather than the product of a Digital World. Sustainability is not an option, but an imperative now.'

  • ‘Industry 5.0 will be about Digital Detox, Nature travels, Earth preservation, Plant-based Foods, a balanced life and giving much-needed breathing space to Mother Earth’

  • ‘Correct just one thing in India – “Contract enforcement” and see India becoming top Global economy in no time!’

  • 'Knowing the "Why" behind an action is of utmost importance in a world where tons of data bombards us from various screens.'

  • ‘India needs a strong INR (Indian National Rupee)! It’s a shame for the 3rd biggest economy in PPP terms and consuming lowest Debt vis-s-vis GDP, to not allow a great home for the Rich and the owners of large Businesses. The day our polity and Economists acknowledge and act on that, we will be sitting in the top comity of Nations in the Globe, including a permanent seat in the UN Security Council

These insights provide a glimpse into India's economic landscape, startup ecosystem, and Tushar Kansal's perspectives on various aspects of business and society.



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