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Trisheetaa Tej - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2020

Trisheetaa Tej


Entrepreneur - Writer

Company Details

My initiative, Pencil9 brings work-from-home opportunities to women not only in India, but also across the World. We endeavor to give comfort, flexibility and happiness at work to all our Pencil9ians. We are a team of 3700 wonderful women as on today. Pencil9 has been offering a plethora of content writing, editing, proof reading, translation, designing, SEO, SEM, SMM services for over four years to firms and Fortune 500 companies alike.

What challenges have you overcome to reach where you are now

Life is never easy! It gives you all the stumbling blocks but crossing these successfully will eventually make you a strong, bold and confident champion. As an entrepreneur, there are many challenges that came across my way too. We live in a male dominated society and many a times, I came across experiences that I am still unsure of handling. It is weird and it ridicules me. But then, this stereotype is the harsh reality of our society even today. All through my startup days until today, I have people coming up to me saying – Don’t you think you are overburdening yourself with these initiatives? I came across dozens of employers who lured me with handsome pay packet and at the end, upon turning down the offer, asked me “isn’t job a better option for a young girl like you”? To not-trust a young girl’s ability was a common scenario – above all, experiences where people tend to not take you seriously at work! Nevertheless, my hubby held my hand tight and mom smiled. The strong support system that God has gifted to me only made me walk ahead without looking back. It is a continued challenge and the only breakthrough this is “awareness” and “change in the mindsets of people in the society that we live in”. While this change will take time to see the dawn, I try to do my bit by giving an opportunity to women to become independent.

What message you want to give for other aspiring women entrepreneurs

Big achievements are possible. You just have to believe in what you are doing. There is no end to learning; so don’t feel shy to learn something that you don’t know. Being a woman does not mean that you cannot excel in your professional life while you have a family to take care of. Learn to strike the chord right and things will automatically fall in place. You will find tons of hurdles in your way, many people to put you down, many people to break your heart and many professional associates who would leave you in the middle of your journey. Stand strong and move ahead – coz for you – there is no bigger dream than yours!! One piece of advice to the fathers, brothers and husbands – Well! Trust the woman in your house. Believe in her dreams and help her in your best possible ways. Your smile, your appreciation, your love, your care, your support, your trust and above all your understanding will make her the woman she dreams to be. Even your smallest gesture would act as a motivation for her. Give her work equal importance as yours and share responsibilities at home with her. Trust her – she knows how to strike a balance between personal and professional life. All she needs is your support!

To what do you attribute your success

My go-getter attitude, my smile and traveling gives me all the energy, motivation and enthusiasm to do my work efficiently. “I swear by my MAKE-THINGS-HAPPEN list before I end my day” daily. It is my smile and bubbly nature that does not allow me to go laid back or demotivated ever. Yes! Family support is an integral part of a Womenpreneur’s success journey. Life becomes simpler when you have someone to hold your hand during your lows, pat your back when you do well and be a constant source of energy at all times. I am blessed with a beautiful & extremely supportive mom, a doted dad, a wonderful husband & and an amusing brother. My dad acts as the light house in the sea for me. He has always been there to guide me through thick and thin. He is a restaurateur and the perfect person to look up for advice and suggestions. My brother is that comical character in my life that eases all my stress with his mischievous actions and silly jokes. We have our set of sibling fights too. A drive with him for late night ice creams is something that I always look forward to after a stressful day. My mom is a sweetheart. She understands me, supports me, guides me, appreciates my work and loves me so much that I couldn’t have asked for more from God. My hubby is an effervescent source of energy to me. He brings all my dreams, whims and fantasies to reality. The perk of being blessed with a wonderful life partner is that he understands you in and out. Though a busy man, my hubby manages to give me sweet little surprises out of nowhere that ease the pressure and calm my mind. What more can I ask for?

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