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Tiffany Holland - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Tiffany Holland

Business Name: Consiglieri

Location: Mercer Island, USA

Establishment (Year): 2021

Category/Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Profession/ Specialty: Marketing

Social Media: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Consiglieri is a collection of former marketing executives from successful brands & agencies who give honest, actionable counsel for marketing leaders who want to modernize their operations and deliver more impactful work. We are the trusted advisors for today's (and tomorrow’s) top companies. We operate as an extension of leadership teams, connecting marketing and media experts with today’s top creative talent. We collaborate with the decision-makers and cross-functional working teams to modernize marketing operations, build social marketing infrastructure, drive efficiency of content creation, and optimize their partnerships and outputs.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

We do our clients’ night jobs. Many leaders find that despite a desire to come in and evolve the way things are being done for instant impact, the actual job gets in the way of real change. Consiglieri works in synergy with leaders to push their initiatives forward. From the operations, processes, editorial, planning, decks, assessments, and org and agency models, we offer real time strategy and counsel that allows brands to change the work for the better.

Challenges Faced During the Journey:

Digital marketing transformation was not my specialty in 2014, but it quickly became my passion over the course of the next 10 years. It started when I was tapped to lead a marketing transformation effort at a major retailer in 2014-2016 and top telecommunications company in 2017-2019. Both organizations were looking to find more innovative, creative ways to reach new consumers without increasing the overall marketing budget. In both scenarios, I found myself making the case to evolve the marketing process, approach and budget allocations from a fully traditional marketing approach to a modern model rooted in integrated social content and brand activations. I worked with an internal strategy team to model the benefits and run multi-variant tests to prove the approach would work, but it was still difficult to change the minds of the business leaders. Tothem, change equals risk to their business. Business was thriving for both companies and so there wasn’t a pressing need to make any systemic changes to how they operated. It was this challenge that made me realize the business case wasn’t the problem. I needed three things in order to succeed. First, I needed a strong executive sponsor to help poke holes in my approach and serve as a vote of confidence in the room when presenting recommendations. I then needed some outside perspective to validate the recommended approach was indeed how top brands were evolving. Finally, I needed a bigger burning platform to set up my solution. Savings and growth was not enough. To turn a big ship, you need the fear of an existential threat of becoming a relic to really get their attention and ensure the change is worth the effort. This was all real world experience that no one told me I would face, but was critical to my growth as a marketer and a business executive. Seeing how big companies struggle to keep up with the evolving consumer needs and marketing/media tech and measurement strategies also became the foundation for why I founded Consiglieri. Together with my co-founders, we’ve experienced the same issues across our brand and agency careers and figured many other global brands could use this same honest counsel to help them evolve quickly and effectively.Through our daily work partnering with clients, we not only find solutions to their current challenges, we work with them to evolve modern marketing for the future.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Go for it! (or stick with it if you are already doing it). Women don’t usually have the loudest voices in the room, but are able to champion multiple perspectives in their problem solving. For instance, when faced with a challenge they will find a solution that solves the problem and do it in a way that is good for business AND employees AND the customer. This win-win-win approach creates a multiplying effect on the value they provide across industries. The problem is this multiplying effect isn’t always acknowledged or rewarded by most companies. As an entrepreneur, you have full control in selecting how you invest your time and the value you put on the products/solutions you offer.



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