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Thomas Murrell - CEO 8M Media and Communications

Great Companies: Please tell me something about the business and how did you come up with such an idea?

Thomas Murrell: Eight is a very lucky number in Asian culture … meaning prosperity and wealth? Our goal is to bring wealth and prosperity to the people we work with. I help companies make their value proposition more compelling for investors. This means embedding myself in their business and taking a seat at the management table. I challenge CEOs and Directors to better communicate their business strategy, competitive position and ability to execute. My ideal clients are in resources, biotechnology and agribusiness. I also leverage this knowledge as a conference speaker, author, MC, facilitator, media trainer and executive speech coach. I enjoy working in the Asian time-zone in a multicultural environment. Since 1997, 8M Media and Communications has been providing high level strategic consulting advice to leading organisations in the areas of investor relations, investor communications, corporate communications, public speaking coaching, public relations, media relations, crisis communications and media training. Based in Subiaco, Perth with a global outlook, 8M provides boutique, bespoke and customised public relations advice in strategic and corporate communications. 8M Media & Communications, provides solutions to media and communication issues for Top 500 companies, Government agencies and leading Universities. We are specialists in how to build, brand and sustain your personal, professional and corporate reputation.

Great Companies: What are the various services and products provided by your company?

Thomas Murrell: An integrated and creative approach aimed at improving performance through: Change Management - Improve your success rate in achieving long lasting and effective change. Strategic advice on how to communicate change to key stakeholders, investors and employees. Strategic Marketing - Increase revenue, market share and company profile with a well focussed and innovative marketing plan. Media Strategy and Management - Developing long term and effective relationships with the media. Identifying and recommending target audiences and the best channels of communication. Designing and implementing creative media strategies for maximum impact. Writing, producing and distributing effective press and video media releases. Issues and Crisis Management - Managing a crisis or an issue out of control. Developing crisis and risk management plans to minimise damage to your organisation from the internal and external perspective. Media and Public Speaking Coaching – Have more impact with your presentations with better speech structure, content and delivery with customised one on one coaching. Understanding how the media works, what makes a story, when to comment and what to say. Managing and improving media performances with practical one on one sessions on effectively getting your message across for print, television and radio interviews. Strategic Planning – Develop a strategic plan for your organisation with clear outcomes and objectives. This involves our unique "7 V " methodology that covers: vision, values, voice, visibility, vitality, vibe and viability.

Great Companies: Why should one choose you over others in this field?

Thomas Murrell: 35 years’ experience - expert knowledge and experience covering investor relations, media relations, corporate communications, public relations, media training, public speaking, Corporate MC work, conference speaking and corporate speech coaching. This includes more than 26 years’ experience in strategic and corporate communications. Specialties include shareholder communications, capital raising presentations, reputation management, shareholder registry analysis and strategic relationship management on the buy and sell side, investor engagement, corporate communications, trend analysis, management of compliance issues, media relations and media training.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Thomas Murrell: COVID-19 has been the biggest struggle with travel restrictions and cutting of budgets.

Great Companies: What do you think are the few main things which are most important for a successful business?

Thomas Murrell: Every business owner, accountant, lawyer, engineer, designer, coach, consultant, speaker, author or professional knows that while running your own business or selling your time for money can be rewarding, it is also very challenging. On a daily basis you face problems and issues that need to be resolved. Like how to attract, win and retain even more profitable customers? How to leverage your expertise? How to raise your profile and visibility? How to achieve your goals and ideas? The personal, emotional and financial cost can sometimes be enormous and we are often left to find solutions to these problems on our own. It can be lonely and exhausting. 8M Media & Communications has a new and innovative way to attract, win and retain even more profitable customers. It positions you for profit and profile by using a MasterMind format, personal mentoring and a 1-page Goals Plan to maximise your chance of success. We want entrepreneurs, small business owners and experts who… 1. Have a desire to build their businesses; 2. Are prepared to share their experiences and knowledge; and 3. Are committed to growth and development. How High Viz for Small Biz Works Join a small group of people in a peer-sharing and one on one mentor program where professionals and experts learn from others, with a 1-page goals plan to guide you. Each Action Learning Group will comprise of up to 10 participants – business owners, experts and professionals from non-competing businesses. You will meet monthly for three hours to discuss and find solutions to your problems around branding, positioning, marketing, PR, sales, distribution, networking, public speaking, writing and social media. The program is unlimited, but has minimum sign-up periods. Challenge yourself to get advice on your toughest problems, whilst you develop a 1-page marketing goals plan with the help of one-on-one mentoring for two hours a month. During each session, all participants will have an opportunity to share a problem. The group will then use its combined experience to identify possible solutions and create an action plan for the business owner. Imagine 10 other experts sharing their experience with you. This really is a powerful opportunity to get practical and lasting solutions.



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